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Sep 16, 2009

getcher Film Club on!

My dearest dudes, dudettes, and whatevers,

It's time to choose another movie for the communal experience known as The Final Girl Film Club. I am super duper triple dipple wicked mega excited about October Shocktober's pick...almost as excited as I am about Shocktober itself! I'm heading back to my slasher roots to pick a movie I've talked about here at The Old FG Place many times, but I've never properly reviewed...folks, please give it up for...


A decade after a cruel prank against a fellow student went horribly awry, eight friends receive a mysterious invitation to a "private" reunion at their now-closed high school, where they come face-to-face with a frightening figure from their past. One by one, the once-popular former students fall victim to a twisted, bloody fate, and the only person laughing now is the one getting revenge.
That's the Netflix's the link for those of you who get your movies in that oh so modern fashion. Me? I'll be watching a cruddy old VHS copy. It's totally appropriate.

Super psyched!!

The film: Slaughter High
The due date: Monday, October 19

As always, email your links to me at stacieponder at Include a link to Final Girl in your write-up and you're GTG!


Robson said...

Funnily enough, the due date falls on the week of my high school reunion.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I have this on DVD...watched it a month or two back. Have to watch it again to refresh. :)

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough... I've that same VHS, love this F13 rip off, even the score is similiar to the Jason's flicks!

Dean Wouters said...

Aaah, such memories. Sneaking into the theatre at age 14 to see this one. And enjoying every single minute of this gory and nonsensical flick. I own this one on VHS (Yaay, Vestron!) and I'll give in to your film club demands and watch it on october 19.

Robson said...

Xtian - the scores for SLAUGHTER HIGH and FRIDAY THE 13th (and many F13 sequels) are all by Harry Manfredini. As I noted when I picked up the DVD last night - Shocktober, here we come!

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm so psyched for this one! I hope plenty of peeps who've never seen it join in. It's ridiculously fun.