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Sep 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elvira!

Long may your haunted hills...err...wave.

She rules, plain and simple! Here's an interview I did with, I had to work to control myself so I wouldn't geek out severely. I miss Movie Macabre like nobody's business.


Meg said...

Movie Macabre, a show my parents were HUGE fans of when I was growing up, was my first introduction to horror films. I'm pretty sure it's why I turned into such a snarky viewer myself -- learned from the best! My parents have a life-size cardboard cut-out of Elvira they always display at Halloween. They even saw her recently at a car show or something, and my dad reports that she still looks incredible. I'm not sure if he was referring to her face.

I can't believe you got to interview her! I'm pretty sure TV needs a new Movie Macabre equivalent -- you should put in a bid, Ponder!

michael said...

I totally watched her on WCGV Channel 24 in Milwaukee at 9 on Saturdays! It was when my parents were at their bowling league.

Whew, for a second there I thought that comment wasn't going to be interesting.

Stacie Ponder said...

I wouldn't dare try to step into Elvira's...err, shoes- although I would definitely nominate Ghostella for the job!

It's impossible for me to quantify the amount of influence Elvira and Joe Bob Briggs had on me when I was growing up. Back in the days before the internet and instant access, Joe Bob was my source of trivia for obscure movies. Both of them are incredibly funny- sure, her schtick is corny Vaudeville humor, but Elvira's comic timing is impeccable. Even better, she was a GIRL talking about horror movies- what a role model!

Verdant Earl said...

Oh my God. I miss Movie Macabre soooo much.

I see that Hulu has 10 episodes of it available on their site. I think I'm going to watch "The Devil's Wedding Night" first!

Elvira. Rowrrrrr!

timothy grant said...

She's awesome! My friend was in her last movie and I got to meet her and share a Domino's pizza with her.

I then proceeded to geek all over her. I told her how much Movie Macabre meant to me when I was growing up and then listed several bits including the "Breather". I told her how I counted the moments up until the new TV Guide came out with the next treasure. Schizoid? Monstroid? Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks? I told her how I had her picture pinned up to my high school locker.

I think it all came out in one rushed nervous breath, like a 10-year-old recounting a movie he loved and saw the previous day ... a jumbled, rushed, excited blathering, pointless puke of words that just sort of could be summed up as "I love you, please like me."

She just smiled and said "And who knew you'd turn out gay?"

Classic Elvira snark. Happy Birthday, girl. :)

John Lacey said...

I adore Elvira.