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Sep 25, 2009

awesome movie poster friday - the PUBLIC DOMAIN edition!

Man, there's some good horror out there in the public domain. Despite the fact that these films are available online for free or on DVD in your local dollar store for...umm...a dollar, most of them have gotten the deluxe super fancy-pants treatment as well, such as the Criterion Collection edition of Carnival of Souls. Yeah, free is awesome, but these films below are important pieces of cinema history, so don't skimp, ya cheapo!

There are really some wacked-out posters for Night of the Living Dead in the world. What's up with the German on featuring Jesus as a hairless werewolf? And the Italian poster that seems to credit the director as George A Kramer...?! Boy oh boy, I tell ya...something something something.


Scumbalina said...

I am lovin' your blog, lady!

Anonymous said...

OOoooooOOooooOOOOOooo I've never seen a bunch of those "Nosferatu" ones! They are loverly!!

Bill Walsh said...

JACKPOT! Ah, Stacie, your secret crush on me is showing. Not only are you catering to my unholy love for early-century graphic design, German expressionism, and foreign languages, but I can clearly detect the secret message you've inserted in the carriage returns. To which I say: Right back atcha, but I prefer raspberry jam.

Ok, on to the foreign language goodness!

The German Night of the Living Dead translates the title literally, then says “The sensation of the Edinburgh Film Festival" and "The Horror Shocker of the Year."

The Italian one also keeps the title and teases with "They're coming out of their graves tonight to devour the living." ("The beings which live," literally.)

All horror fans know the subtitle of Nosferatu is "A symphony of horror." The one with the awesome red bat guy says, "The new feature film from Prana-Film GmbH."

The Swedish Carnival of Souls is called The Infernal [woman]. It's billed as "The new American shock thriller" and the tag line is "A thriller you'll never forget."

The very modern Dr. Caligari poster says, "Mysterious… fantastic… revolutionary… uncanny… demonic… incomparable. Germany's most renowned film."

And that's it, I think.

Paul said...

Wow! Fantastic collection of posters, you've outdone yourself this time! A speculation re the 'George Kramer' credit - as Italian directors regularly Americanised their names ('Lewis Coates' for Luigi Cozzi etc), maybe the distribs thought 'Romero' sounded, y'know, a bit too Italian?

Rick "The Hat" Bman said...

They just don't make posters like they used to.

Keith said...

Great posters. I love them all. You've got a very cool blog header. I really like your blog.