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Sep 4, 2009

art blitz super sale redux!

First of all, don't forget: Monday is Film Club Day! It's been a long time a-comin', I know. Are you psyched for...The Devil's Rain? I am. Watch it, write it up, send a link to me at stacieponder at gmail dot com and join the gang!

Hey, remember that time when I had a TOTALLY INSANE FIRE SALE on my stick figure art? Huh, do ya? No? Oh. Hmm. I was under the impression that you were hanging on my every word, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well. Click here to travel back into the past and learn all about it! Then come back here to the present.

Back? Good. Now then, the point of this is, I'm having another sale. 3 cards for $30! Hooray! Check out my gallery full of samples to see what's in store for ya...though the subject matter of your cards is (doy doy) up to you.

I'm also open for painting commissions- you can check out my gallery here. Email me to talk price, as size obviously varies.

"Take me home!"

You're probably not wondering why I'm having a Sale of Madness, but I'll tell you anyway. This morning I woke up to a dead computer monitor. No power, no nothin'. I kind of need one to use my desktop computer, which has...well, my whole GD life on it! All the programs I use for movie editing, scanning...really, everything, is on my desktop. Right now I'm using my Wicked Old Laptop, which has internet, MS Word, and Screenwriter, which means I can't do much. for sale = money = monitor. There you go. I'm not sure what variety of whore this makes me, although I'm sure I'm one with a heart of gold!


Anonymous said...

Chop-a-holic still hates google...

That being said, Screenwriter rocks! Sorry about the monitor going out but maybe it's a higher power (hyuck hyuck) telling you to write more screenplays. Maybe not, my monitor keeps flashing that I'm a winner then opens 1000 windows of porn... Well I'm feeling generous in an unemployed kinda way so I'll treat myself. Email me back with the paypal info for that KITH commision, the one with Hitler and a donkey. :) This time I'll pay up.

Bloody Mary said...

I recently started using my TV as my computer monitor, and I am LOVING it.

I clicked on your card & painting links and got "page not found" errors...

Anonymous said...

If I wasnt a poor father with a mortgage, I would totally buy the crap out of your artwork.