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Sep 9, 2009


This week at AMC, I have compiled an ever-so-helpful list of the Top 10 Killer Families of Horror. You know, the folks who are all related through both blood and a love of murderin'...those who are usually referred to as some sort of "clan". That word really carries certain connotations, doesn't it? Or is that just me? Anyway, the Torrance family never engaged in any homicidal hijinks together, but I need to post this portrait anyway because it is made of 100% pure awesome.

You know what else is made entirely of awesome? This page, which features ten LEGO horror movie reenactments. The Thing? In LEGO? Yes, please. Oh, if they only had video cameras when I was a wee bonny lass... (thanks for the tip, Bill!)


P. K. Nail said...

THE FREDDY GLOVE! I seriously sat with my mouth hanging open for five minutes, like I'd just gotten a pony for Christmas.

Also, I can't help observing that it's difficult to run from something with any speed at all when you're a LEGO figure.

Anonymous said...

I love that the advertisement at the bottom of this blog post screams, in all caps, "A WHOLE NEW SEASON OF FEEL GOOD IS HERE. THE BRAND NEW SEASON OF OPRAH." Maybe some of these families just needed a little Oprah. Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I gotta ask...what happened to the monster kids in Frontier(s)...they show up and kill someone or something and we never see them again. We hear about them. But we don't see any of them again. I'd have like Frontier(s) more if the writer/director seemed like he didn't suffer from ADD while making the film...
"OOOO! This will be awesomely gory! Hey, what if I throw in some Scary Kids!? What if stuff blows up!"
"What about the scary kids?"
"What scary kids?"

I respect the boundary pushing the French are doing...but I wish they would show some respect for actual storytelling (If there is a gun on the wall in act one, it better be fired by act three). :)

(Yes, I am trying to start a debate about French horror-I am hoping people can point me to some crazy French horror that still manages to tell a coherent tale)

Anonymous said...

Great column though...those were some solid choices. I wish I could find American Gothic somewhere...I saw it probably about 20 years back now. Great little movie. Of course it's one of those "Hey! If we cast Rod Steiger we have half our job done right there! The script will write itself!

Verdant Earl said...

I heart the entire crazy clan from Spider Baby. Not enough to break bread with 'em, but ya know.