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Feb 25, 2007

Here he is...

Miss America...Michael Myers, all Rob Zombie-style.

What is there to be said? It's true to the original Carpenter version and at least he looks somewhat intimidating, which is more than you can say about the chubby troll-doll Michael we got in the last few Halloween sequels.

"Give me a cookie or I will CUT A BITCH!"

The remake news I'm most anticipating, however, is whether or not Zombie will include the little-seen "lost" footage from Halloween 5, wherein all the Loomis-Myers sexual tension finally comes to a head, so to speak. It's WHITE HOT!

I always had a sneaking suspicion that when he called Michael Myers "evil", Loomis really meant "a fine piece of man-meat". I mean, the dude was obsessed, you know?


Anonymous said...

That would be a fun twist. The family sent Michael away to Loomis, who (ahem) got too close to Michael, so Michael escaped to take revenge on his family...and of course Loomis, ever the stalker, comes after Michael...the cycle of abuse just continues...who's to blame? Nobody and everybody. Maybe a good family counselor could help them sort it all out and end the cycle.

"Halloween 2.2 - Ordinary People"

Anonymous said...

Just think, if only we had Dr. Loomis kissing Michael before falling to his doom in Halloween: Resurrection, instead of Laurie.

New Michael looks like a big boy. They must have great gyms in that mental asylum, unless he went all Sarah Conner in his cell.

Jesse Hammer said...

So, I guess in this one, he breaks into the hardware store, steals the Shatner mask, rubs in the dirt for twenty minutes in slow motion to the tune of "Free Bird" and then gets on with his day.


SikeChick said...

I'm with you, Final Girl. Rob's Michael does at least look like he can and will kill you. Something about that mask is a bit Chucky-esque to me though, but it is still much more like the original Shatner than those cheap things they used beginning in part 4. It just needs a few knotty-dreds for me. The hair's still a bit to kempt.

Lunchmeat said...

I thought the look in part 6 was the best since part 2. I actually like part 2's Mike better than the original. I think Rob's gonna smear shit on everyones hot dog when this comes out.