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Feb 16, 2007

Defenestration Week: Day 5

Hmm. Guess I stumped everyone yesterday by featuring Miriam (Susan Ruttan) from Bad Dreams as our Peter Pan wannabe.

It's alright if you didn't solve the mystery- don't beat yourself up over it. No really, please, it's not a big deal. You don't have to impress me all the time, you know, I'll like you anyway...and besides, it's not a very good movie. It does, however, feature Jennifer Rubin, Dean Cameron, and Bruce Abbott, so in some way it's an '80s classic regardless of the quality.

I don't want everyone all depressed for the weekend, though, so let's take the train back to EasyTown for our final window-diver, shall we?


And DON'T FORGET! The Final Girl Film Club meeting for The Exorcist is nigh- I'll be talking about it on Monday. I hope you join in the Pazuzu-flavored fun and give it a view. All the cool kids will be watching The Exorcist this weekend!


The Best and Wost Final Girl's said...

SOOOO Easy ! its Robin From Friday the 13th part 7- The new Blood

Jesse Hammer said...

Man. Alot of people get tossed outta windows in Friday movies, don't they?

Hey, Stac. Can you get a screen shot of the girl in the sleeping bag getting whacked upside the tree?

Love it.

Anonymous said...

*snicker* That scene was the primary reason I left Jason in Space on USA while I did my homework.

Stacie, am I not cool because I watched The Exorcist early? *sniff*

Stacie Ponder said...

Jesse, I've got plans in the works...plans that will include that mighty scene!

Michelle, watching The Exorcist early actually makes you cooler than the rest of us. Don't tell the others, though, they'll get upset!

Josh, you da man!

Anonymous said...

"Pazuzu-flavored"! Ha!
So, I'm thinking Pazuzu dispensers, with of course, the head of Linda Blair (um, yeah, it would be the demon statue's body with um, Regan's head, uhh...) and instead of launching little candies out of its mouth, fluorescent green bile pukes out in 1 calory servings. Head rotates so you can serve several friends at once. Choice of 5 inappropriate swears by Mercedes McCambridge, too.
Hmm, maybe spitting out green crap isn't really practical...
Perhaps a candy with a "vomity center"?
Shaping the candy like a communion wafer is probably a poor choice...
Um... just thinking...