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Feb 15, 2007

Defenestration Week: Day 4

If you guessed that yesterday's defenestree was Kristen (Patricia Arquette) from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, then you are the fucking bomb. That l'il Dream Warrior sailed out the window and right smack into the hearts and minds of audiences the world over in 1987. She dreamed us all into a beautiful dream!

And yes, in all likelihood I made up the word "defenestree". I'm just that cool.

OK, it's time to up the ante for all you smarty pantseseses out there. Take this!



Anonymous said...

So, Stacie, if you chucked someone out a window... ok, when you chuck people out windows, are you a defenestratrix?

Amanda By Night said...

It's a great still, but I have NO CLUE.

Josh DeSlasher said...

Perfect. Just perfect.
I'm finally the first to try and guess correctly, and I have no clue what the film is. Eeek!
Looks like a newer one to me.

...nope. REALLY don't know.

So, in the art of not knowing, I'll take a wild guess, and say it's "I Was A Maternal Teenage Defenestrator". Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I'm stumped. Damn it!!

Anonymous said...

First, I totally suck at guessing these movies.
Second, I love Bill Walsh's word "Defenestratrix"!
That HAS to be the name for some demon babe, played by someone along the lines of Julie Strain or Melinda Clarke and she murders her victims only by chucking them out of windows and they wind up in colorful landing places: skewered on flagpoles, crashing through restaurant skylights, etc.
Or, ooh! ooh!, it's DEFENESTRATION SORORITY and it's a BUNCH of hot hotties depicted in all their glorious hotness wreaking havoc on anybody they don't like by tossing them out windows, etc, with uh, Naomi Watts, as the sorority den mother or whatever you call them, leading her diabolical charges in their sinister wave of defenestration because uh, Ms. Watts loves doing that kind of shit.

"Defenestratrix"-- that's awesome!

And Defenestration Week? Awesomer yet, even though I've been a total lame-ass guessing these movies, dammit.