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Feb 17, 2007

Defenestration Week: The End

Poor nameless girl teen who has sex in Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood- too bad she didn't realize that sex always leads to defenestration.

OK, so she has a name- it's Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan). By the 7th installment of the Friday franchise, the names don't really matter beyond the hero/heroine, do they? Actually, that probably applies to all the Friday films. That's just how they roll. Nothing wrong with that!

If you cruise over to Pretty/Scary today, you'll find a little something called Goin' Down: The Pretty/Scary Guide to Cave Movies by a little someone called me. It's an easily-digestible way to tell the differences between all the caving flicks of 2005; you also get to read SuperHeidi's funny picture captions. You know, if my guide can prevent even one person from seeing The Cavern, then I'll feel I've truly done some good during my time on this big blue and green marble.

While I hope to steer you all away from that cinematic debacle, however, I also hope to push you directly into watching The Exorcist for Monday's installment of the Final Girl Film Club. We'll all gather, hold cyber-hands, and ruminate on the things Father Karras's mother does whilst she's in hell. It'll be awesome!


Anonymous said...


I happened up on the Pretty/Scary Guide to Cave Movies last night. Nice work! Not as entertaining as your more prolix reviews on here, but a most excellent gift for those who are foolish enough to miss Final Girl.

benp said...
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Stacie Ponder said...

SPAM = doubleplusungood.

If you have an event or website related to horror films, please contact me off-list. Don't spam the comments.