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Feb 13, 2007

Defenestration Week: Day 2

Thanks to everyone who played along and a big congratulations to all the smarty-pantseseses out there who correctly guessed the answer to yesterday's Defenestration Mystery. 'Twas the faire evil twin Tina (Camilla More) tossed out yon window by Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Pat yourselves on the back!

Oh, and by "evil", of course, I mean "slutty". Same dif.

At any rate, here's today's mystery photo. This one is so easy, even Stevie Wonder could guess it!



Amanda By Night said...

I'm gonna say Sally Hardesty from TCM (the original, of course), but it's a blurry pix, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was just making this up.

Jesse Hammer said...

The clothes look right for Sally but it's awful dark. Didn't she crash the window in daylight? Hmmmm... I'm gonna feel real stupid when Stevie Wonder gets it.

Josh DeSlasher said...

Damn! I'm never first to the punch. :(

But yes. That's Sally from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I should know, I just rewatched TCM '74 Saturday. Argh, lateness sucks!

Anonymous said...

Lateness does suck. :( I'm going with Sally from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, too.

Jesse Hammer said...

Is it really? So is that like a goof in the movie? She jumps out at night and when she hits the ground it's day? I gotta have a look at that tonight.

Pretty sneaky, Stac.