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May 16, 2014


It's been a long, hard journey for all of us, but now this long, hard journey is coming to a quick, painless end. Everybody, get out your dirtypillows and clap 'em together in celebration...the winner of Maniac Madness 2014 is...


Though she handily beat all other contenders in the Weirdos & Weird Shit Division, I thought for sure she'd get blown away my Michael Myers. It's Michael Myers! He has the blackest eyes! He's got a car and no sense of humor! He's evil on two legs! To my surprise, these two badasses were neck and neck all day long. In the end, Carrie managed to squeak out a 102-100 victory.

Who earned your vote, and why? Was it just whichever movie or character you prefer? Did you pit them against one another in imaginary combat (she'd kill him before he could get within 30 feet of her!)? Does that count as fanfiction?

And so Maniac Madness 2014 comes to an end. Thanks to everyone who voted! Without you, it'd just be me writing stuff down.

You know, I take Carrie for granted a lot of the time because it's become this thing bigger than the movie itself. Does that make sense? I mean I reference it all the time (see "get out your dirtypillows and clap 'em together in celebration"), telling my friends "they're all going to laugh at you" or talking about dumping pig's blood or whatever. I've suggested so many times that someone plug it up, you feel me? It's so easy to forget what a brilliant film it is, or how intense and perfect the iconic prom scene is. And Sissy Spacek, man. Her Carrie is the most terrifying person you just want to hug.

A well-deserved victory! I'm dumping a bucket of hooray all over this.


Michael Perridge said...

There is something spookily appropriate about this victory. A great triumph by a great actresses and I think there's something about having a great actor making a great villain ...
Anyway if you don't include Kenneth Cranham's Dr Channard from Hellraiser II next time I ain't playin' ;-)

Chris Otto said...

After a long and well-deserved celebration, CARRIE WHITE goes home to relax.

CARRIE'S MOTHER is right where CARRIE left her, dead as a doornail.

CARRIE WHITE heats up some popcorn in the microwave and grabs a beer from the fridge.

With the evening newspaper in hand, she sits down in her mother's cushy chair, intending to flip right to the comics page and see what "Sid and Nancy," those wacky kids are up to.

CARRIE WHITE smiles contentedly and reaches up to flip on the lamp.

Camera pans to POSSESSED FLOOR LAMP, grinning down at her, malevolently.



Poli said...

I voted for Carrie because Michael Myers < Jason Vorhees, and Jason lost to Poor Man's Carrie in the 7th movie, so Actual Carrie would ROFL-Stomp in a real battle.

Plus I like the idea of a female villain winning it all.

Marc said...

Bit of a shocker this! Never would have thunk Carrie would be the victor back when all this madness started!! Also, it makes me want to watch the movie again, which I haven't seen in years.

Colleen said...

I predicted she could win it all awhile back and she did indeed (though it got a little too close yesterday).

Thank you for doing this Stacie! You're the best and this is just the most recent example of why I've been a fan of yours for years.

Go Vampire Puppy!

Stacie Ponder said...

Hey thanks, that's awesome. :) I'm already looking forward to next time, this was a lot of fun. Everyone's comments have been great.

Mark Trammell said...

Although I ultimately voted for MM- Halloween is my fave horror movie, I literally watch it every year, so I couldn't not vote for him- it seems apropos, given your site name, that the Final Girl be a- well, final girl.
And who doesn't love Carrie? I have no problem with it, personally, I just loves me some Halloween. Who doesn't, really? Looking forward to the next one!

AE said...

I love Michael Myers as much as the next girl, but when given a ballot with Carrie's name on it, it just seemed right to vote for her.

Marc said...

A few factors influenced my votes, I guess. If Tarman was in the running I'd vote for him because ROTLD is probably in my top 5 horror movies, for example. If there was anything I wasn't familiar with (I'm looking at you, fire-farting roaches) then I'd just vote for whoever tickled my fancy. I was rooting for either Freddy or Jason the whole way, but Michael Myers getting so far has at least made me more super psyched to watch the 35th Halloween blu-ray I just bought myself!

Stacie Ponder said...

That Halloween Blu-Ray is terrific...I can't imagine that there will ever be a better version of the film.If you're into special features, the Jamie Lee Curtis doc is wonderful.

I love Michael Myers- he always scared me way more than Jason did (and Freddy just ain't in the same league as either of 'em as far as I'm concerned)...but it's like AE said: when I can vote for Carrie, I gotta! Or, well, in this case it was just "rooting for". But still.

Anonymous said...

A stunning upset!

I expected Carrie to dominate her bracket, but I didn't expect her to take the championship.

Although now that I think about it, if it comes down to "Who would win in a fight?", I suppose Carrie would stomp Michael Myers, what with her mad telekinetic skillz and all.

Don't mess with psychokinetic Sissy Spacek is the lesson from all this.

Kensington said...

Michael Myers won my vote, ultimately, because he's the FREAKING BOOGEY MAN!

Carrie White was a nice girl who just had a bad year.

She wuz robbed!