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May 10, 2014

MANIAC MADNESS: Round of 32 Results!

Wowee wow, what a day yesterday, huh? Here's your updated bracket:

So many close contests...Captain Howdy was victorious, but garnered only 53% of the vote. Naked Space Vampire continues her string of upsets, squeaking by Bub by an 81-76 margin. Fire-Farting Cockroaches defeated Slugs by one vote. ONE VOTE! Every vote counts, man, so if you feel strongly about a candidate, you need to get out there and stump. You know, like I did for Possessed Floor Lamp, who was slaughtered by Carrie White. SLAUGHTERED I SAY! I cried all night. I'm still crying. I'll probably never stop, so thanks for that.

Voting will resume Monday, and as you can see it's only getting tougher. Right now I'm hoping for a Naked Space Vampire-Vampire Puppy (or Fire-Farting Roaches, either way) final, but as we all know...WHAT I WANT CLEARLY DOES NOT MATTER. Now please excuse me, I have a service to attend.


Dead In Hell said...


Also the Slashers are really shaping up now. Jason, Norman, Freddy, and Michael. That's some serious firepower. Or...knife power.

Stacie Ponder said...

I can't believe Leatherface was taken out! I'm pretty psyched to see how things end up.

Riccardo said...

Hitchcock is really holding his own with two of his spawn in the top 16.