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Apr 2, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the FULCI edition PART 2!

The first Fulci AMPF can be found here. Mmm...Fulci.


Drew said...

These are all so beautifully gruesome! Love it.

Bill Walsh said...

Über dem Jenseits — From Beyond (German)

Blev du rystet over »Zombie«—så vil du skriget af rædsel over »Zombiernes by« — Were you shocked by Zombie—then you’ll scream in terror at Zombietown (Danish)

Au seuils de ténèbres … vient LA PEUR — At the threshold of darkness comes … FEAR (French)

FrayeursFears (French)

La pauraFear (Italian)

Paura nella città degli morti viventiFear in the City of the Living Dead (Italian)

Not sure about the Thai. Might be short for ประตูนรกเปิดแล้ว..สำหรับทุกท่าน, “The gates of hell open…for all.” But that could just be a translation of a tagline or something. Hmm.

Ein Zombie hing am Glockenseil — A Zombie Hung on the Bell Rope (German)

Tag line: “Hier wird das Kinosessel zum elektrischen Stuhl!” “Where the theater seat becomes an electric chair!”

Quella villa acconto al cimiteraThat House Next to the Cemetery (Italian)

Дом на краю кладбища — House on the Edge of the Cemetery (Russian)

Apparently part of the Коллекция ужасов “Collection of Horrors” of one Lyuchio Ful’chi. : ) And it’s the complete director’s cut (полная режиссерская версия).

Murderock is Murderock in French as well as Italian. : )

7 notas en negroSeven Notes in Black (Spanish)

The Zombi 2 Italian tagline says “when the dead come forth from the grave, the living will be their blood.”

Ok, Woodoo or Rædslernes grønne ø (Green Island of Horror) asks the pressing questions ”Er “de døde” island os?" “Is ’the dead’ island us?” “Hvor kommer de fra?” ”Where do they come from?” ”Hvad vil de?” “What do they want?”

And then goes on at some length:

En lystbåd driver alandt i New York's havn. Ombord finder man liget af en kvinde… rutine job for politiet indtil den første zombie dukker op … “hvad fanden!”

A yacht drifts around in New York harbor. On board they find the corpse of a woman… routine job for the police until the first zombie pops up … “What the hell!”

The Japanese title サンゲリア says Sangeria. Which either means they think zombies enjoy sangria or it’s a transliteration of Sangelia, as on the latter poster.

Ok, the Turkish one is pretty awesome. Ölüm bölgesine dönüş means something like Return to the Death Zone.

The Korean title is a transliteration. 좀비2 = Jombi 2.

And the last one is Spanish. The taglien is the same as the Italian (above) and the title just means The Night of the Living Dead. Sorry, Señor Romero.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...The Beyond. What better way to observe good friday than to watch wind-up spiders eat a rubber tongue out of a guy's mouth.

Hannah said...

I love these posts, they're so internation. Make me feel real cosmopolitan.

B-Sol said...

Words fail me. Such amazing stuff.

The Zombi 2 poster where they're walking across the Brooklyn Bridge comes with the special edition DVD of Zombi 2, signed by Fulci himself (I'm assuming they've had those lying around a while, or I call shenanigans.)

I love how there's some random guy with a knife in the House by the Cemetery posters, even though there's nothing like that in the movie. Oh, those silly Italians.

Oh yeah, I also know it must suck to be Charles Hamm.

AE said...

Bill, you are my hero! I want to see "A Zombie Hung on the Bell Rope." (Is that in the sense of "clung to the bell rope" or "was suspended from the bell rope"?)

Bill Walsh said...


Aw, I blush! Me, I really liked your Jeckyll & Hyde review when I made with the click-click, as Stacie is wont to say. She's wonten.

But, that’s neither here nor there. In answer to your question: it's ambiguous, just like in English. So feel free to envision a lynched zombie or a Zombie Weissmüller…

CashBailey said...

Just goes to show how unspeakably lame poster design these days is.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Ghoulishly delicious, though the HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY posters are more than a little misleading

Phil said...

Has anyone seen The House by The Cemetery, Revisited? It's described as a Christian re-edit of
the original by some guy called Jeff Teck.
Amazon were selling it up until recently but it's
now listed as "discontinued by the manufacturer",
so I'm guessing that someone alerted the rights holders about its existence. If ever there was
a film that demanded the Final Girl treatment...

AE said...

And having finally watched "A Zombie Hung on the Bell Rope," I know in what sense the zombie was hung. Hooray! (Except that he didn't hang himself from a bell rope -- did he?) Anyway, Bill, thanks for your kind words. Glad you were not sorry to have clickened ze click-click!

Anonymous said...

You can see some high-rez Fulci Stuff right here: