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Apr 23, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the DEVIL'S edition!

Oh, The Devil's Rain, I like you enough to forgive the glaring grammatical error on your poster. And hey, The Devil's Wedding, I see what you did there.


Andre Dumas said...

This reawakens my purpose in life- to see The Devils. Someday I'll obtain a copy. Illegally maybe. But I'll do it.

a paperback horror said...

The top 5 posters are incredible. I still prefer the old-school look to anything that's out now.

Anonymous said...

Love The Devil's Backbone ones! ! !

CashBailey said...

Those DEVIL'S REJECTS posters are great.

Shame the movie is watery poo.

Bill Walsh said...

What a lovely way to commemorate the New Jersey Devils’ ending their season.

Onto the stuff.

魔鬼雨 (Mo Gui Yu) is “Magic Devil Rain,” which is actually a pretty literal translation, though it sounds funny.

La Terrificante Notte del Demonio is, as you surely guessed, The Terrifying Night of the Demon.

La Spina del Diavolo is a literal Italian translation of The Devll's Backbone. The tag line reads “What is a ghost?” (Incidentally both word-for-word from the original Spanish poster.)

デビルズ・バックボーン is a transliteration of the English title: Debiruzu Bakkubōn.

The Russian (Khrebet D'yavola) is a literal translation, and they seem to have taken the English tagline: “the living are more dangerous than the dead.”

The tagline on the Polish Devil’s Rejects is “In hell, it’s not boring!”

The German tagline is “Hell has spit them out.”

Word verification: nonactur

Hey, I'm just waiting tables until I can get my SAG card…

Kmork said...

Two thoughts:

1) The Japanese poster for The Devil's Backbone further solidifies the notion that Japanese movie posters rock.

2) I saw La Terrificante Notte del Demonio aka The Devil's Nightmare aka one of its other 4,302 titles when I was six (or so) and for whatever reason, Erika Blanc in succubus makeup scared the hell out of me.

Jose Cruz said...

Very nice collection of hellish fiends, Miss Ponder! I couldn't help but notice the little grammatical error on the poster for "The Devil's Rain." It made me giggle. On a side note, I think I found the perfect art exhibit to showcase at my church's charity this weekend! Thanks!

Thomas T. Sueyres said...

I don't think it's a grammatical error, so much as a play on words. In the movie The Devil and his melty minions are trying to take over the Earth, to "reign" as it were.
So, if you have to be a snickering hipster, sneer at the marketing department who thought that peeps were bright enough to get what must have sounded clever in a meeting.

Stacie Ponder said...

"Snickering hipster"? Is there some reason why you need to toss out a casual insult as you provide your take on the matter?

An interesting take, but no matter what the intentions are or who came up with the plan, the final result is a glaring grammatical error.

Now excuse me while I go put on my fedora, ironic t-shirt and skinny jeans and sneer at Twilight fans.

Thomas T. Sueyres said...

You're right, maybe that was a bit out of line and it was more aimed at the giggly guy who posted before me. I just get a little tired of the "kidz" who love those "old stoopid movies" because "their so dUMB!". After reading a few of those I start turning into Roberts Blossom in CHRISTINE.
You actually seem to like the movies, which is why I follow your blog.

Stacie Ponder said...

Cool, no harm done! I am a sensitive flower.