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Apr 6, 2010


My dearest dudes, dudettes, and "prefer not to answer"s,

I suddenly find myself private no-no parts-deep in the deadline to beat all deadlines. Will I get it all done? If you all link pinks and think real hard, then I believe I shall. At that time I can reveal to you what it's all about, and won't that be exciting? Possibly, yes!

Oh, I should stress: when I say "think real hard", I mean you should think positive thoughts real hard. I hope that should go without saying.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about Slumber Party Massacre. I know- you're all, "Well, who didn't?" But it wasn't just daydreaming about the pizza scene- this, my friends, was ruminating with a purpose. A purpose to be revealed, mua ha ha! Thinking about Slumber Party Massacre got me thinking about Sorority House Massacre, which brings us to today's blast from the past, super, it may be new to you vintage review, posted here because I don't have time to watch movies this week. Enjoy! Or don't. It's your life, man.


Heff said...

Hey, nice rack on that chick !

gord said...

Everyone knows Slumber Party Massacre II is the best of the series. Guitar-Drill is the best weapon ever.

Hud said...

I read this and subsequently had a fucking DREAM about Sorority House Massacre, namely the scene where one of the actresses - evidently recalled for reshoots - has entirely different hair!