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Apr 14, 2010

brace yourselves

First off, the bad news: there will be no new episode of The Scare-ening this week.

I KNOW. It'll be back next week, I assure you. Tonight, however, both my co-host Heidi and I are attending a screening of The Human Centipede. I'm excited! I really used to love playing the old Atari videogame Centipede, and I'm pretty sure this movie is an adaptation of it. I can't believe they've given it the big-screen treatment. It's not as if the game really had a ton of back story.

Kidding! Everyone knows that The Human Centipede concerns a mad scientist who fuses together the mouths and anuses of a bunch of living people together in order to know, a human centipede. I have to say, that's not at all the type of thing I imagined when I played Centipede so long ago. I am looking forward to it, I think, kind of sort of in a way. I mean, it almost begs to be seen, yeah? I just hope there's more to it than shock value, and I don't leave the theater depressed.

In other news, it's time for the Film Club Choosening! Pikachu City of the Living Dead, I choose you!

So much crying in this post, geez.

Yes folks, I say we get our Italian zombie movie on with Lucio Fulci's 1980 grossterpiece, City of the Living Dead- or as you may know it, The Gates of Hell. Christopher George! Catriona MacColl! YEAH!

The due date is Monday, May 24. If you write about it, shoot me a link to your piece at stacieponder (at) gmail (dot) com. Please! Please please! If you want your post to be included in the Film Club, your entry must link back to me. Whether it's my specific post about the movie in question or just my site in general, it doesn't matter. You don't have to say anything big, just mention my site or the Club or what have you- but if there's no link, I'm not going to post your piece, sorry. I love that people want to participate, so I've been posting whatever links are sent to me, but sometimes this results in writers sending in their reviews from five years ago. That's fine, and I don't mind if someone does that, but the original post needs to be edited to include a link to me. I feel like a douchey linkwhore bringing it up, but it's really the only Film Club rule. I feel a bit better knowing that I'm not actually a douchey linkwhore, and that if the Club didn't have any rules, there would be complete and total chaos. People writing about different movies, people writing backwards, people setting their computers on fire and listening to rock and roll...folks, we don't want that.

Okay, maybe we do a little, but my point stands.

The film: City of the Living Dead
The due date: Monday, May 24


Meg said...

Saw the trailer for Human Centipede -- very curious to hear what you think after you've seen it!

Stacie Ponder said...

Yeah, it's... I really do hope there's more to it than OH MY GAHD, you know? I'm keeping a very open mind, definitely!!

Verdant Earl said...

Wow...I just realized that my Spider Baby review mentioned you and the film club, but I forgot the actual link-love. Sorry 'bout that.

I should be flogged. Please?

spazmo said...

Given how hard it must be to scream with turds in one's mouth, this should be a fairly quiet film. So the good news is that you won't leave the theatre with a headache!

Also, audience participation is the big marketing trick now, so don't be surprised when they start passing out Oh Henry! bars.

Jason Adams said...

If you don't already have an evil alter ego, I think Douchey LinkWhore would be a terrific place to start. Pronounce the first name Doo-shay though, please. It's all I ask.

Stacie Ponder said...

Consider yourself flogg--hey! It doesn't count if you LIKE it!

Stacie Ponder said...

Yes! Douchey (or Doushay) LinkWhore will also be the one who puts VOTE FOR ME PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE on every post should Final Girl ever get nominated for something again.

CashBailey said...

I hope the people in HUMAN CENTIPEDE used 'Divine Derriere' before having a mouth sewn onto their anus, to avoid awkwardness and embarrassing.

Unknown said...

I have that movie in my collection and I've watched it already, awesome! But I'll watch it again for the Club.
Enjoy 'Centipede'! I have a feeling that the actual reveal of the centipede will be shocking but the rest of it won't be as satisfying. I wasn't too impressed with the acting of the two damsels in the trailer, but it's was just the trailer so it might be better. Happy movie watching!

The Groundskeeper said...

The first rule of Film Club is, you must talk about Film Club.

The second rule of Film Club is...okay, this joke was worn out before it even started. I wouldn't even post this comment but for the fact that I get to write "cootinc" in the Word Verification bar.

Simon said...

I'm afraid.

Bill Walsh said...

or as you may know it, The Gates of Hell

Or, if you’ve been paying attention, A Zombie Was Hanging on the Bell Rope.

Prospero said...

Why? Why?

What I have been calling 'The Feces Factor' is keeping me far, far away from this movie. It's making me throw up in my mouth a little as I typ

Oops. Sorry. Had to run to the bathroom.

This may well be the most repulsive concept in film history.

deadrodentyping said...

" I feel like a douchey linkwhore-"
Welcome to the Internet.

The Scream Queen said...

I am ridiculously excited to see The Human Centipede. I'm really looking forward to see what you think of it. I'm prob going to have to check it out by myself because I doubt my friends or the future hubs are going to want to come to the movies with me to watch girls eat poop ;o)

Alec Pridgen said...

If we're putting in a vote for the most repulsive concept in film history, I'm still partial to 'Aswang' and it's fetus-eating vampires.

I just sent in my link for the Film Club. It's always easier when I've already written it. :-)

Stacie Ponder said...

I wish MINE was already written! That's way easier. But kind sir, if you send in a previous review of the film, don't forget to add a link to me in there for Film Club awesome eligibility!