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Apr 1, 2010

from Ye Olde Vaulte: ALIENS

Because I haven't watched anything, I'm feeling lazy, and people didn't my comic strip review of Track of the Moon Beast, I've decided to post this old strip which I found earlier tonight when I was digging around in my hard drive* for...something.

You'll notice, perhaps, that this Aliens strip ends in a very similar fashion to the Track of the Moon Beast strip. I like to think that's because I'm "exploring themes" and not because I'm "lame" and I "only have two jokes". But still, it's a weird...I don't know, coincidence? Whatever you want to call it. I touched on it yesterday, but I think it's worth noting as a notable note: I truly did begin the Moon Beast strip intending it to be something completely different than what it ended up as. You know, I thought it might be an actual review that would at the very least make mention of "California Lady". Then I just started drawing and, well, you saw what happened. I guess this is just how my brain functions. Stupid brain!

Anyway. Click to embiggen!

I would also like to point out that either that bus is fucking humongous, or that old woman is extremely small.

Also, there's apparently a bus stop right outside the spaceship docking bay.

*not as hot as it sounds


Bill Walsh said...

Nice! I like how the Alien is basically Frankenstein with the blind guy…I mean, the chomp-chomp aside…

Awesome verifcation: torophoo

Brent Winter said...

I love the way you draw your comics! I love the clean line style and how you somehow manage to endow all the figures with loads of personality. Very fun to read.

Koompa said...

The old woman is very small. As most old women are.