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Feb 12, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the 1977 edition PART 2!

Ah, 1977...the year that keeps on giving. Click for Part One of AMPF '77.


Riccardo said...

Those "Shock Wave" posters make it look like a zombie kaiju flick.

CashBailey said...

FULL CIRCLE (aka THE HAUNTING OF JULIA) is a totally underrated ghost story. If only for the stunning final shot alone.

I decent DVD release of this would be great.

Stacie Ponder said...

Max, I totally agree. I've no idea why this hasn't gotten any love on DVD...but since Let's Scare Jessica to Death finally got released, i guess there's hope for this.

Anonymous said...

Is that ant in the last Empire of the Ants poster performing oral sex on that guy?

Bill Walsh said...

Ok, let's roll.

Shock Waves





Italian title: The Eye of the Triangle (can't read the text at top…sorry)

The Sentinel

Japanese: センチネル Senchineru (transliteration)

There must always be a guardian at the gates of Hell

She was young
She was beautiful
She was chosen!



Science fiction!

RABIES! [aslo <RAGE]

Italian subtitle: Bloodlust

I’ll pass on the Thai, given the turnaround time. Send me a note if you want it, Ms. P.

Spanish: I can’t quite read it, but I’m pretty sure the box over the b/w girl’s crotch says “Pray that you don’t get rabies.”

Empire of the Ants


At the Mercy of the Giant Ants

(Wow, thomwade is right, there’s a definite ant-Re-Animator vibe in that still. Ouch.)

The Child

In Spanish, it gives away that said child is indeed a girl.

Cauchemares or Cathy’s Curse

Well, the original French title means Nightmares. Why they changed it to a second French title is beyond me. Why the director, Eddy Matalon, is credited as Eddy Greenwood on the second French poster is a little confusing as well, obviously.

Anyway, it says:

I sent my mother to the madhouse…
I scared my dog to death…
I put my nanny out the window…
Now there are three
Daddy…dolly…and me… me… ME


Kensington said...

Wow, there are some real gems here!

The Sentinel was on steady cable rotation about a year ago, and although I'd seen back in the day, I'd forgotten how creepy and disturbing it is underneath the veneer of a cheesy Lifetime movie (if they'd been making Lifetime movies back in the 70s).

Its use of genuinely deformed people in the climax to depict demons from Hell is the sort of remarkably non-PC touch they could never get away with anymore.

And Kingdom of the Spiders remains a classic monster movie. Prior to his Boston Legal resurgence, Shatner had never been that appealing outside of Star Trek. My only beef is that the "living crawling" poster is a fraud. It totally implies giant spiders, and I was disappointed in that aspect the first time I saw the film.

Still, it's a testament to how awesome the film is that it quickly became a favorite in spite of not having any giant spiders.

Chris Otto said...

You'd certainly have to file the film under a different category if that was the case, thomwade.

Unknown said...

That Rabid B&W poster is undeniably gorgeous.

thomwade said...

I love that La Nina poster.

Arbogast said...

Only Joseph Brenner would promote an Italian crime film from 1974 as a horror movie using a picture from the 1920 version of Der Golem!

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