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Feb 9, 2010

Hey horror bloggers!

I have a deal for all my brethren out there who are toiling away in the trenches of horror blogging. Yes, a deal for those noble souls who work tirelessly trying to think up new things for people to read...for those who feel validated by numbers on a stat counter, and even those who are in it because they like horror movies and want to write about them. I present you with the opportunity to...FILL OUT A QUESTIONNAIRE.

I meant to send this around to the owners of blogs that I visit regularly, but I hit some road blocks. One, I don't have everyone's email addresses, and two, I'm lazy. So, HORROR BLOGGERS: send me an email with your name and blog URL, and I will send you the questions. I'm at stacieponder (at) gmail (dot) com. Put "blog questionnaire"...or "bloggenaire" or something like that in the subject line. Oh, and you don't have to be STRICTLY a horror blogger, but you should definitely dedicate most of your real estate to the genre to qualify. Some of my favorite bloggers write about things besides horror and I love them just the same.

Okay, maybe a little less, but don't tell them that.

You can pretend I'm a hard-hitting journalist or something if it makes you feel better. This isn't a contest or anything, and there's no voting for whatever whatever. This is simply about highlighting some other sites, and about giving me the chance to ask cheeky questions. Once the replies start rolling in (or trickling in, or whatevs), I'll begin a running feature here at the Ol' FG. Won't that be exciting? I cannot guarantee that it will be, but life is all about chances.

Edited to add: Kids, I'm getting a great response to this, but to participate, your blog should really be at least 85% about horror in some regards- whether it's movies or what have you. I'd love to feature the blog of everyone in the whole wide world, but I can't. And since Final Girl is a horror blog, I'm going to keep it in that vein. Be honest in assessing your content before you send me an email. Thanks!


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Nevermind. I thought the header was 'horrible' bloggers. Nothing else would apply to me. Move along, enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Thanks Stacie! I just shot you an email.

Andy said...

Like Jennifer, I thought you were looking for horrible bloggers. Now I realize you were looking for horror bloggers. Of course I fall into both catagorys so an email is enroute.

Rick said...

Just sent you an email as well.

Corey said...

email sent... can't wait to see what kind of questions you've come up with! :)

Stacie Ponder said...

Some of the questions are...really silly. I'm getting some classy blogger-types responding to this, so maybe I should have said how silly it would be right up front.

Eh, I can't wait to see how everyone responds. They're going out tonight or tomorrow!

Not a big response from my horror bloggin' sistahs, though. Disappointing.

Neil Sarver said...

What a fun project! I'd ask to participate, but I think I fall well short of the 85% horror threshold these days. Good luck, I look forward to continuing to read the replies!