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Feb 5, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the 1977 edition!

In honor of my Year in Horror: 1977 retrospective, voila. Part 2 next week!

Man, there's some sweeties here. The '70s rule!


AE said...

"its BEDS become blood BATHS!" ... biggest reach in a tagline ever? I love it.

Stacie Ponder said...

I know...I love that there were stupid tag lines like that back then. It's a dying art- they're all so SERIOUS nowadays. I want stupid and sleazy!

Bill Walsh said...

Ai, la mia Pondra!

You’re dropping the Latin on me now!

I'm pretty sure that French Suspiria poster says, in Latin, “Something everywhere, something eternal, something believed by everyone.” Meanwhile, underneath that, the French says, ““Sorcery’ is something that has been recognized by all people in all places in all times.”

The Japanese transliteration is Sasuperia̦.

I’m not sure what the Schock subtitle means. “Transfert” is transference. The others are obvious.

The Japanese Hills Have Eyes transliterates as Sarandora. Your guess is better than mine as to what that means.

The French inexplicably singularize it to The Hill Has Eyes.

The Danish tagline is just the standard “The lucky die first.”

The ORIGINAL Danish one one says—here’s your ol’ skool tagline of the day—“Those with weak nerves are warned: it is no empty boast! THE BUTCHER GANG.”

Or at least that’s how I read ’em.

Scare Sarah said...

"The only thng more terriffying than the last 12 minutes of this film are the first 92" !!!

Great selection, FG.

geoff said...

Gah, that one Hills Have Eyes poster (the second one down) with Michael Berryman looming behind the woman... double-take city! It took way too long for my brain to fully parse what was going on there. Awesome posters!

Arbogast said...

I want stupid and sleazy!

You know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

Michael Berryman, FTW.

"Who let you out of YOUR cage?"-ALF to Michael Berryman as a lab technician.

Anonymous said...

Watching the commercial for "Shutter Island" and I'm thinking here's a movie that could use a scythe wielding degenerate hick and a giant alligator. Just put 'em in the movie, it and don't worry about it.

Craig Blamer said...

As I recall, 1977 was the last great year for the drive-in. After that, everything started creeping in to the multiplex.

Although you really needed to see >Dawn of the Dead at the mall.