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Feb 11, 2010

Friday the 13th Victim of the Week!

Welcome to the newest feature here at Final Girl, wherein we explore the unfortunate people who meet the business ends of Jason Voorhees's killing implements...and those of his momma and Roy the paramedic, for that matter. Let's meet our first victim!

Fox (F13-3)

We first meet the sassy Fox (Gloria Charles) and her biker gang cronies as they instigate a convenience store run-in with Vera and Shelly. Fox refuses to return Shelly's velcro wallet until Vera shows her some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Respect is big in the world of hooligans, and when Vera complies with a reluctant "May I please have the'am?", Fox hands over the wallet without even taking the cash. Perhaps, much like Sears, Fox has a softer side.

What's most delightful about this sequence, however- well, besides the store clerk informing Vera that they "don't take no food stamps"- is the moment when Fox looks directly into the camera...then she tries really hard to avoid looking at the camera as the scene plays out.

The bikers later head to Camp Crystal Lake for a little payback-flavored shenanigans. Fox decides to check out the barn while her cohorts siphon gas to use as accelerant; yes, by "shenanigans" I mean "arson".

Anyway, upon entering the barn, Fox immediately mutters a wide-eyed "Whoa". She's overcome with a child-like wonder at such mundane items as old boots and an ancient, empty canteen. When she finds the hay loft and swings outside, declaring "This feels GOOOOOD!", one cannot help but think that if Fox had been able to take advantage of The Fresh Air Fund as a youth, her life may have turned out differently.

Alas, her barn-related joy was not to be for long. Off-screen, Fox encounters Jason and spends her last moments impossibly impaled on a rafter by a pitchfork.

Really, it's pretty impossible. Her feet are a good foot off the exactly did Jason get her up there like that? Eh, it's not for me to question. R.I.P. Fox!


The Portland Review said...

New favorite Final Girl feature EVER.

Also, is it just me or wouldn't Fox and Shelly have made a dynamite couple in a Jasonless world? Well, maybe less a couple a more a "Remington Steele"-esque crime-solving duo--she's a street tough with sexiness, smarts, and a hip leather jacket! He's...Shelly!

Slyde said...

should i be embarrassed to admit that, when i saw this movie in the theatres, a little 15 year old me had the hots for that chick?

Anonymous said...

Man...this should keep you going for...ten to twenty years. :)

Anonymous said...

By the end of the year you'll only be half way through... Looking foward to the rest :-)

James Gracey said...

No one does child-like wonder like Fox. NO ONE!!!