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Feb 19, 2010

Friday the 13th Victim of the Week: Maddy

Mmm-hmm child, I'm talking' 'bout...

As her pal Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan) notes, she and Maddy arrive at a house on Crystal Lake to have a good time. Unfortunately, Robin also notes that if Maddy wants any attention from boys, she'll need "a little touch-up work". Maddy is rightfully insulted and, after watching Robin cavort with one of said boys, marches upstairs.

Maddy intends to prove Robin wrong by...well, by proving her right. The makeup comes out, the glasses come off, the clothes are changed, and the results cause Maddy to exclaim to no one but her own reflection, "Need a little touch-up work my ass!"

Maddy. I admire your l'esprit de kiss my ass, but let's be honest: you just spent an awful lot of time giving yourself a little touch-up. Apparently the process involved hours of putting on lipstick.

And that's okay! The results are nice, in a terribly '80s sort of way.

Anyway, despite the fact that she goes upstairs for Extreme Maddy Makeover, she ends up downstairs when she's finished, completely bypassing the party. Hearing a noise, she ventures outside into the woods (duh) and promptly loses an earring. She soon finds it, exclaiming "Thank God!" If it was indeed Divine Intervention that led her to her missing piece of clip-on jewelry, then we can only hope that He will intervene when Maddy's straits are far more dire.

SPOILER: He doesn't.

A body falls from a tree right in front of Maddy's eyes; surely the scene is a little blurry to her- she left her glasses inside, after all- but as the body heralds the arrival of Jason Voorhees, Maddy knows to beat feet.

She hides in a shed, and though she's smart enough to take off her high heels, she's still doomed. Jason's soggy arms bust through what's apparently a balsa wood wall, and Maddy meets his friend Mr. Sharpie Farm Implement. While her death takes place off-screen, there's still a moment of shock here: that's not a dress she's wearing, but a skirt and crop top!

Poor Maddy. No one got to see her lovely transformation. Oh well. At least she died young and left a beautiful corpse! R.I.P. Maddy!


CMS said...

Huh. I wonder if Maddy's death was a response to all those movies that put emphasis on makeovers as a way to get ahead in life. That outfit kind of reminds me of something out of Teen Witch.

Maddy reminds me of the 'basketcase' from The Breakfast Club. They both looked better without the makeovers (or touch ups) I think.

Cousin Barnabas said...

God, I remember NONE of that. This and Jason X are the only F13 films I've watched only once. All I remember about this film is Jason popping from the water like a soggy poptart, dad the "rescue zombie" and Terry Kiser playing a sleaze.

CashBailey said...

Yeah, I'd totally knock the back out of her.

forestofthedead said...

Ah yes, I recall her, perhaps since I've seen the movie 3 times. lol.
Great series of posts!

Anonymous said...

IMO, Maddy is the only memorable part of New Blood. I love her and I love these posts!

fake edit: here's Maddy on Sister Sister!

Anonymous said...

I looked over Elizabeth Kaitan's career...boy...she never did break out of that b-grade erotic film world... which caught me off guard, because I never really thought of Maddy as "the hot girl" in the slasher film.

Stacie Ponder said...

Elizabeth Kaitan played Robin, not Maddy. :)

Hud said...

I loved Maddy so very much. She was way better than weepy ol' Tina.

Can't wait to see what you make of guitar-strummin' JJ from Part VIII!

Hud xx

Stacie Ponder said...

How weird, I was totally thinking of featuring her next!

Cineman said...

I've always wondered...why in the hell did Maddy just head outside and start yell-spering David's name? Makes zero sense.

I recently discovered your blog and it's terrific.

Love this feature. What a great idea. I wish you would bring it back. Would it be horrible if I horked the idea for my blog? (I would gladly attribute the idea to you and link to your site).

Stacie Ponder said...

Hi there! Welcome aboard, and thank very much.

You know, I was just thinking about this feature the other day and how I really need to pick it up again. I took a lonnnnnng break from Final Girl and an even longer break from some of the features- blogger burnout- but I kind of feel like it's resurrectionin' time! And with your comment, I guess it's just kismet. :)

Cineman said...

Glad to hear you might resurrect this feature! Look forward to it!