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Oct 14, 2009

Wednesday is made for lovers

I don't know what that title really means. Autumn has finally officially arrived in Los Angeles- everyone's talking about the fact that it's RAINING!- and Halloween fast approaches. However, everyone knows that northern New England is the best place to be when fall rolls around, so I've been thinking about that and missing it...especially Vermont, which made me think of the ubiquitous bumper stickers claiming that "Vermont is for lovers". However, I totally remembered those bumper stickers wrong: in fact, they say "I LoVermont", and the more I reflect on it, the more I'm inclined to think that it's actually Virginia that claims to be for lovers, so none of this makes any sense, really.

Isn't that a fascinating glimpse into my mind? By the way, IT'S RAINING!

The point of this post is really to draw your attention to my AMC column this week, which is all about horror movie guilty pleasures. I'm not particularly fond of the term "guilty pleasure", because if you like something then by all means, like it. Still, there are some movies that you love even though no one else fact, sometime people hate movie you love, and you find yourself:

1) defending the film against an onslaught of insults from angry horror nerds

2) thinking you may be crazy for liking said film

3) keeping your mouth shut to avoid #1

It's okay- we've all got 'em. I listed five in my column, but there are plenty more rattling around in my head (Mommy, anyone?). Looking back on what I wrote, I don't know...I can't be the only one who loves The Craft. And really, I refuse to feel guilty about anything starring Brittany Murphy. Wait, I take that back...I'm a bit horrified to admit that I fucking sat through Uptown Girls. But at least I'm admitting it, which is the first step to something or other.

By the way, get your 15 clicks in! I thank you fiercely.


Verdant Earl said...

I kind of used to, um, have a thing for Faruza Balk. When she smiles (or does whatever it is she is doing in that pic up there) it looks like she could swallow you whole. Who am I kidding? I still have a thing for her.

She needs to do more horror. She was made for it.

Unknown said...

Balk was absolutely adorable/excellent in GAS FOOD LODGING, an underappreciated indie film. I do like her in THE CRAFT as well. She plays an evil with a little TOO well.

Stacie Ponder said...

She's definitely one of those actors who seem as if...yeah, she MIGHT just be a wee bit insane. I like it. I don't know why she's not working more.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, Fairuza is till appearing in something at least once a year. I like how her imdb picture is from the Craft, because we wouldn't recognize something more recent. :)

So, I am not the only person who secretly enjoys the TCM remake? Thank you... I no longer feel alone in that. :)

Unknown said...

I don't care what anyone says, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, is awesome. Tom Atkins rules!

John Seal said...

The pitch is/was 'Virginia's for lovers'. Since the state passed both the Virginia Marriage Amendment and the Affirmation of Marriage Act, I believe it has since been amended to 'Virginia's for lovers, unless you're gay, in which case you should take your homosexual ass to New York or San Francisco'.

Will Errickson said...

That is a ferciously glorious pic of Fairuza Balk. I need to revisit The Craft immediately.

As for guilty pleasures, does the remake of Dawn of the Dead count? Because that opening sequence is so damn good I can't see it as a guilty pleasure. Otherwise Return of the Living Dead III. Or Bram Stoker's Dracula, Keanu Reeves accent and all.

Anonymous said...

I think the remake of Dawn of the Dead is damn good. Nothing to feel guilty about.