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Oct 24, 2009

in case you are bored...

...perhaps you would fancy reading a rather lengthy interview with moi over at ye olde Chainsaw Mafia. Or perhaps you would not. Generic businessdouches, however, clearly think it's the greatest thing ever. Who are you- nay, who are any of us- to disagree?


bird said...

i liked your comment about women blogging about horror movies. the same thing happens in the comic book subculture.

it's always holy crap a woman likes this stuff! how does it feel to be a woman blogging about this?

i don't know why people feel this way. i see plenty of women either buying or working at the various comic book stores i have went to for my weekly fix. the same thing goes for walking down the horror aisle at the video rental stores.

the woman rights movement has overlooked the genre nerd aspect of empowerment. equal wages can wait! =)

firt time commenter, long time reader. love the blog. keep up the kicking of ass.

bird said...

i agree with your comments about women being into horror. the same thing happens in the comic book subculture.

in my experience i have always seen women at the comic book stores or in the horror aisle of the rental store.

the women rights movement has missed out on the nerd genre aspect of equality. i'm sure they were busy with equal pay and ending domestic violence so they can't be blamed to harshly.

first time commenter, long time reader. keep up the great work.

Lee Russell said...

If "Office Space" has tought me anything, it's that Generic businessdouches sometimes know what's what.

bird said...

sorry about posting twice. i didn't read the filter message. i can't read yet i love the blog.

so this is three. i have dropped the average iq of your readership by 20 points. i'm sorry. also, the businessdouches pic is right on. i've worked in offices my whole crappy life and too many people actually think they are doing something important.


Anonymous said...

I agree with them. It's the greatest thing ever. And they're so cute (really, they are).

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks for reading it guys!!