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Oct 16, 2009

they're coming to eat you, pizza...

Dear my bitches,

We're at crunch time for Round 1 in the Home Run Inn contest. I've gotten squeezed out of the Top 10! Round 1 ends Sunday...I'd love to make it to Round 2, so I need yer votes, all 15 per day. Tell everyone you know, and click click click all weekend! THANK YOU!


Verdant Earl said...

I noticed that you had fallen out of the top 10 yesterday so I made a brief post over at my joint to get my peeps in on the act.

Briefcase Woman even showed up to help.

Good luck this weekend!

Stacie Ponder said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

Wish I'd entered the contest a week or two earlier...oh well.

Kidsis said...

Ugh I was able to vote yesterday (and Tweeted and FBed) but today the link isn't going anywhere...Grrr!