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Oct 8, 2009

Did you vote today?

I did! And you know who else would if she could? Briefcase Woman. Yup, she'd click that big purple button and she'd be so excited about it!

Sorry to be obnoxious about this trawling for votes thing, but I'm really far behind all the people who entered weeks my obnoxiousness, I'm afraid, is going to continue. It's gross, I know. It'll be over when SHOCKTOBER is over, that ever really over?

Thanks if you've voted for They Won't Stay Fed! already- and please consider making it one of your daily know, like brushing your teeth or watching Midwest Obsession (sorry, is that just me?). Click the big purple'll take a second or three for your vote to register. Keep an eye on the vote tally just above the big purple button...then repeat until the big purple button tells you to come back tomorrow. It'll take you a minute, but you can vote 15 times in a row. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell strangers on the street, so long as they're obviously over the age of 18! Let's turn my so far behind in the polls status into a magnificent comeback, worthy of a crappy lite comedy!

*EDITED TO ADD: You can vote 15 times per day on their website AND on the widget here at FG, meaning 30 votes per day, per person. That's some serious clicking!


Verdant Earl said...

I'll do it. But only for Briefcase Woman. ;)

Stacie Ponder said...

Thank ye, kind sir!

I know how it is- I do A LOT of things only for Briefcase Woman!

Jason Adams said...

Doner and donest.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I shall do it every day!