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Oct 29, 2009

Feel like makin' lists...

Feel like makin' lists for READERS!

(You're supposed to say that to the tune of that Bad Company song, but it probably didn't translate well. Eh. Whose fault is that?)

Anydingle, Real Simple Magazine wanted me to recommend 10 Halloween movies for their online readership. Now, there are some catches. First, without just listing ALL of the Halloween sequels, coming up with 10 movies based around the holiday is a wee difficult. Second, Real Simple's readership is not...Rue Morgue's readership, dig? I couldn't select anything gory- sorry, Night of the Demons, though Halloween movie you may be, the lipstick stunt would cause the ladies to blanch and take to their fainting couches. Soooo, I made it a list of good horror movies to watch on the 'ween for people who don't normally watch that sort of thing. It was a fun challenge and I was psyched they asked me.

Read it here, and mouth off about what YOU would have put on the list.


Kmork said...

Ponder, when I think about you, I think about liiiiiiiiiiiiiists...

Ack. Sorry 'bout that.

RC said...

Hmmm... you picked the movies and you provided the quotable quotes... but Alexandra Myerson get's the byline?

I'm going to pretend to understand how that works.

My picks...
For Thrill Seekers: High Tension
For Families: Arachnaphobia
For Old-Movie Fans: Psycho (1960)
For the Squemish: Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie
For the Not-So-Squemish: Martyrs
For the Adventurous: The Descent
For Horror Movie Buffs: April Fool's Day (1986)
For Zombie Fanatics: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
For Cheesy Movie Lovers: Bloodbath At The House Of Death
For People Who Hate Scary Movies: The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)(TV)

Anonymous said...

I would likely have switched out Season of the Witch for Trick 'r Treat, but otherwise, that's a pretty solid list, in my book.

(of course, my book is full of spelling errors)

Dean said...

Teehee, you said "dingle"...

IMO Halloween 3 is THE Halloween movie to end all Halloween movies. If you're one to dress up every 31st of october I'm sure THAT's the one you'll cack your pants to. As a standalone film it's one of the shitscariest films ever. I remember seeing the "test-chamber" sequence when I was little and having nightmares for weeks. And that tune...

Zombie Cupcake said...

I totally got the Bad Company thing. Only a fool wouldn't!

You are livin' the dream lady. I would KILL (heh) to be called a "scary movie aficionado". That was a challenging list to make but I think you did tip-top - and you reminded me that I've still to see Halloween III...

Lee Russell said...

Pretty good list. The Haunting is always a good entry that many might not consider.

I take it we can have blood, just no ultra gore? My 10:

Herzog's remake of Nosferatu
Shock Waves
Taste the Blood of Dracula
The Blair Witch Project
The Haunting
Sleepy Hollow
The original Tales From the Crypt
Bubba Ho-Tep
Horror Express

MrJeffery said...

I think your list is pretty great. Love how you did one for each kind of viewer.

rebelgirl901 said...

I know it's not holiday related but I've always liked The Nightmare on Elm Street movies. :)

Carrie said...

Oh God when I first read Chicken Wire’s comment I thought it said ‘tits’ instead of ‘lists’. I laughed my ass off before I realized that it was only in my effed up head!

On a more on-topic note, I'm now convinced I must see Halloween III. Sounds like a fan-freakin-tastic time!

perchingpath said...

For those who are probably British but maybe are just willing to import/torrent/whatever my favourite bit of faux-documentary horror (which happens to take place on Halloween): Ghostwatch (1992).

Also, Lee- good call on Sleepy Hollow, assuming you meant the 1999 version. I've watched it every October for years, and I never get tired of looking at those sets. I could probably quite happily live in them.

I'll second Ponder's choice of Young Frankenstein, too. I think it's aged better than most of Brooks's films, probably because it keeps most of its gags pretty tightly tied into the Frankenstein narrative. "What hump?"

Dean said...

My top 10 for the 31st:
- Night of the creeps (now it's finally out on dvd)
- Night of the demons (for the lipstick-trick)
- Brain damage and/or Frankenhooker (can't do without Henenlotter)
- Killer Klowns (For its cartoonesque comedy)
- Dawn of the dead (the original)
- Terror vision (because its so much fun)
- Blood diner (for its over-the-topness)
- In the mouth of madness (gotta have a Carpenter in there)
- Invasion of the body snatchers '78 (for its bleak ending)
- [REC] (because it scared the living crap out of me)

Anonymous said...

My sis actually subscribes to "Real Simple". :)

Anyhoo, good call on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", it's one of my favorites. :D And I'm going to be seeing the stage version of "Young Frankenstein" in Chicago soon. :)

The Portland Review said...

Is is possible to top "Season of the Witch"?, it is not.

badgerdaddy said...

Perchingpath - great, great call on Ghostwatch. That is so wonderfully done, I was telling my stepdaughter about it only yesterday.