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Aug 18, 2007

yap yap yap

Hey, you! Head over yonder to Pretty/Scary and read my interview with actress Michelle Lee of the upcoming Trailer Park of Terror.

THRILL! to the longest introduction to an interview evar!



Victor said...

I think I like this Michelle Lee better than the other one from Knots' Landing. How can there be two actress' acting with the same name?

Stacie Ponder said...

When my editor asked if I wanted to interview Michelle Lee at Comic-Con, my first thought was "Wait, Michelle Lee from Knots Landing is at SDCC? And she's in a horror movie??!"- though, being the lover of nighttime soaps that I am, this excited me despite the oddness.

Then I looked her up on imdb, only to discover that she's the twelfth Michelle Lee listed! Gah! The world only had to contend with TWO Vanessa Williamseseseses.

And in the end, this Michelle Lee is much cooler, Knots Landing or no Knots Landing.

serial catowner said...

OT, but- WOW! that is the best blog header EVER.

Move over, Bitch PhD, Final Girl has arrived.

If you ever feel the urge to change that header, take a good stiff drink. And another, until you realize you just can't improve it.

Or, you could raise your glass to the fact that you already know that.