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Aug 1, 2007

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Pieces is a curious ol' slasher that's got quite a rep as a piece of misogynist crap- so much so, that I was wary to check it out despite the fact that it stars the '70s and '80s superteam of Christopher George and Lynda Day George (Day of the Animals). There came a point recently when I could no longer resist Les Georges, however, and I popped in this notorious early '80s flick. So is it misogynist crap?

Well, it's certainly crap, I'll give you that one. It's crap...but the best kind of crap, if you know what I mean. It's not frightening, the ending makes no sense whatsoever, the acting is hilarious ("Bastard! Bassstard! Basssssstarrrrrrrrrrrrrd!"), and there are countless ludicrous sequences to keep you entertained in that "so bad it's good" way.

Is Pieces misogynist? I suppose one could argue that it is, given that the film has exclusively female victims who are chopped up in the killer's quest to create a lovely lady puzzle. Yet the film didn't feel hateful to me, and I think that's the key here. It's a fine line in horror films, and I believe the "horror is inherently misogynist" card is played far too frequently. Yeah, women are killed and act like idiots in slasher films, but so are the men. That might not be the case in Pieces, but I think the film still lacks that mean streak that might raise my hackles. In fact, Pieces shows that women can do anything- just take a look at Lynda Day George as a tennis pro turned police detective posing undercover as a tennis pro!

Alright, that's a stretch. Pieces is a bad movie, to be certain, but it's also fun. It's silly, it's gory...and it's got a rep it maybe doesn't deserve. Maybe I'll print some t-shirts saying something to that effect.

To read more about what I thought of the film, CLICKEN ZE CLICK CLICK.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, it was better than i thought, but still bad.

Amanda By Night said...

Hey, when did you start writing for BD?!? Well, nice to see they appreciate a little class.

Pieces rules. I mean, it fucking rules.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this movie at the drive in when I was a kid. I always wondered if it really existed but never got around to looking for it. Heh.

Jesse Hammer said...

You're just popping up all over the webs these days, ain't ya? I'm reading the review over at B-D and I'm thinking, "this is far more literate and insightful than I'm used to on this site." And, lo and behold, it's the Final Girl.

Keep up the good work. All shall kneel before Final Girl.

Mua hahahahah!

Stacie Ponder said...

Heh...yeah, I'm really classin' up the joint, aye? :D You guys are swell.

I was so pleasantly surprised by Pieces- I was dreading watching it, a fear based completely on its reputation. But I loved it! In a great bad movie kinda way, but still.

That pool skimmer bit cracked me up. Actually, so much of this movie cracked me up, it's hard to choose a favorite scene. I want to watch it again!

Anonymous said...

"Lynda Day George as a tennis pro turned police detective posing undercover as a tennis pro..."

What's not to like?

AE said...

I have long cherished "Pieces," particularly the kung fu professor. "He just attacked me! There he is," says LDG, pointing to his body on the ground. The entire movie is beyond belief. Very nice review!

Anonymous said...

Hi, new here!
I met J.P. Simon a few years ago and he is a pretty cool and smart guy. And I think he is still proud of Pieces. It's a shame good ol' Simon doesn't get the money for filming today! Back in 2003 he was working on a movie project called 'Specters', but it was never fimed.

Keep on with the good work Stacie, this is a great blog!

Stacie Ponder said...

"Bad chop suey!"- I think that's going to be my excuse for everything from now on.

Welcome, Dan, and thanks! Between Pieces and Slugs, Simon gets my vote. His movies are a damn good time!

Tom the Dog said...

My favorite memory of this film -- which truly defines "so bad it's good" -- is that the giant dim-witted gardener suspect is the same guy who played Bluto in Robert Altman's Popeye. Well blow me down!!

Oh, and the last second crotch violence. That's pretty classic, too.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw it last night! It's pure genius. Great review, Stace.

Topcat said...

Pieces and Morturary were Christopher George's last two movies and supposedly he passed away from a heart attack but I strongly suspect he died of embarrassment.

I saw this classic in the theater 2or 3 times when it was originally released, as I recall. I squee'd like the retarded fangirl I can be when I found Pieces in the bargain DVD bin at Wal-Mart. Needless to say I'm enjoying the ever living crap out of your blog.