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Aug 4, 2007

Film Club Field Trip

If you remember correctly, the last time watching a Final Girl Film Club pick required us all getting off our duffs and getting the eff out of the house, the choice was The Descent. Now, I realize that I haven't really mentioned the film since I wrote the initial review- heck, haven't thought about it much, even- but my hazy memories are leading me to believe that the journey to the multiplex for the Film Club was time well-spent.

Let's hope that out-of-the-house good mojo lasts, 'cause it's field trip time! That's right, at the end of this month, get yer butt to the theatre to see Rob Zombie's Halloween...then come over here and we shall ruminate, reflect, and hug it out, whether they be hugs of consolation or hugs of awesome.

Hey, I figure that as someone who runs a blog that's mostly about slasher films, it'it goes without saying that I need to see this film...and so I'm taking you all with me! We shall rise victorious, or we shall perish together! THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAAA!


The film: Halloween
The due date: Monday, September 10

Gaze upon The Mosaic of Eeeeevilllll!


SikeChick said...

I'm still weary about the whole "Michael's backstory" part because...yaaaaaawn. Who freakin' cares! I fear that it will make Michael hella less creepy than having him be what we thought was just evil incarnate. I still have to see it though because well, I just do. I only hope this is better than what I've seen of Zombie's other stuff which I can't say I care for (looking at you, The Devil's Rejects).

Chadzilla said...

I plan on doing one of my Original vs Remake reviews for this one.

I can only hope that it is more like the remakes of Invasion of the Body Snatcher (78 version), Carpenter's The Thing, and Cronenberg's The Fly and less like the remake of The Fog.

Anonymous said...

I think, based on Stacie's interview, that it can be interesting. you know the idea that Michael as a child is likeable and normal can be creepy. Also, I think a focus on Dr. Loomis could be good. This guy trying to figure out Michael but not being able to and then seeing what Michael does without really understanding what it is inside him that makes him do it. Although, it would be a different type of movie from the original. Of course, what do I know.

Anonymous said...

I noticed they really started pushing this film with TV commercials this weekend. I must've seen it 20 times over an hour. It seems a bit early for such heavy saturation, but I guess the studio isn't hedging its bets with this one.

Also, it's opening almost two months before Halloween - are they hoping it'll still be in the theaters for the holiday? Does anyone think they should hold it back and open it at the first of October, at least?

PIPER said...

I can't go cuz I got a note from my mom who is a huge John Carpenter fan. She says if I attend this I will never be allowed in the house again.

But I'm interested in hearing what everyone thought. My predictions are bad, but if I discover otherwise, then I will have to see it.

Tom the Dog said...

I have high, high hopes for this, considering A) how incredible Devil's Rejects is, B) I was there for the preview at Sand Diego Comic-Con, and was very impressed, and C) my fellow Ojai resident Malcolm McDowell is rockin' it as Loomis, and you can't beat that with a stick.

I am wary of the recent preview that shows the new Jamie Lee Curtis saying, "Is he the boogeyman?" immediately followed by Michael busting in the car window to grab her. We all know the boogeyman line is the last line in the movie, so, effectively, they've just shown us the very last shock in the film. Nice marketing, fuckheads!

John Barleycorn said...

Should I post that here?