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Aug 25, 2007

der winneren

I bet you guys thought I forgot allllllll about the Halloween Soundtrack Giveaway Extravaganza, huh? And that the fact that the contest was over and I needed to choose and notify a winner came to me suddenly over, say, a bowl of Yogurt Burst Cheerios this morning as I watched Carnosaur 3, right? might be correct. But I have righted the wrong (as usual) and drawn a winning name from the oodles of names in the Magic Hat. Rob Zombie, won't you let us know who won?

Yay! Congrats to regular reader Michelle. And thanks to everyone who entered- don't feel bad because you didn't win. I mean, it's not because I don't like you or anything.

Incidentally, I'm thinking of making some sort of career out of this whole "righting wrongs" thing. Mayhaps I'll call myself The Equalizer 2.0, or The Equalizer: The Next Generation.


FatalPierce said...

My vote is for "2 Equal 2 izer"

Congrats Michelle!

Goose said...

Congrats Michelle

Arbogast said...

You must be The Shequalizer or live a life of quiet desparation!

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh my gawd...The SHEqualizer. That's fucking great. Though I must admit, 2 Equal 2 izer does have its MC Hammer-esque charms!

Anonymous said...

The PonderPounder? Hmmm, that sounds kinda...well, yeah. No. Oooh, "The Stixer" (You know, like "The Fixer" crossed with "stick figures"...I'm just not very good at this.)

Congratulations, Regular Reader Michelle (cool name).

Anonymous said...

Woo! Go me! *bows* Thanks for the congratulations, everyone.

Heh. I almost bought a copy of it while trying to use up a gift certificate and then decided to wait and see what happened with the contest first. :)

Arbogast said...

If I won Rob Zombie, I'd give somebody else half. Then I'd give somebody else else the other half, because I wouldn't want it. Then I'd wash my hands.