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Aug 14, 2007

i live to give

If there's one way I'd like to be remembered when I've moved on to The Great Beyond, it's as a generous spirit with awesome hair and a rapier wit. In my efforts to build this rep for myself, I must, from time to time, make with the ha-ha, get haircuts, and give give give. That last bit, see, is where you come in. I've got a copy of the soundtrack for Rob Zombie's Halloween- the soundtrack that's not due to be released until August 21- and it could be yours!

If you're thinking "WOW! The CD hasn't been released yet and Stacie has one to give away? I bet she traveled into the future, bought a copy of the soundtrack, and then zapped herself back to the present with the sole purpose of making one lucky reader's life better. Additionally, her hair fucking rocks!", then you're thinking the truth, my friends.

You know, I was gonna make you do something in order to be eligible to, say, write a haiku or bake me cookies or what have you. But today I'm feeling so magnanimous that I've nixed the 'give a little to get a little' angle. That's right, all you have to do to be eligible to win the CD is send an email to by 11:59am (PST) Monday, August 20. Write "Final Girl rules" in the subject line- my ego will swell, and your name will be tossed into my special Contest Hat. I pull out your name, you win! Easy, breezy, beautiful.

In addition to snippets of dialogue from the film, the Halloween soundtrack is chock full of the classic rock goodness you can expect from a Rob Zombie film, including tracks from KISS, Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, BTO, The Misfits, and more. The CD also features Tyler Bates's updated version of John Carpenter's classic Halloween theme.

Ooh la la! Enter today!


M said...

Hey, nice change of template, me like!

insomniac said...

Wow lookin good!

I love the new template!

Oh and uh Zombie rules.

Snarf said...

I love Anna Feris too....