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Mar 21, 2006

Tasty Tidbits!

Item! Bloody-Disgusting posts some info from Bruce Campbell about the upcoming Evil Dead remake. Apparently it won't be a strict fact, Ash won't be appearing at all. Think of it as a re-imagining, I guess. If it's entirely new material, why not just give it a colonated title, like Evil Dead: Weird Stuff Happens to Entirely New Characters to end the confusion? First of all, I'm no Hollywood producer, so what do I know? And second, yes, I believe I made up 'colonated'. Bruce Campbell says "We wanna make a flat out, scary-ass, un-rated horror film." Final Girl says "Meh. I hold not my breath."

Item! Has anyone out there seen this flick, The Bell Witch Haunting? 'Tis a historical ghost story based on the Bell Witch legend. Apparently the ghost was a real jerk and hassled the Bell family in the early 1800's around Nashville TN. Check out the site for the full tellling of the legend and all sorts of movie info. I'm intrigued.

Item! Ain't It Cool News talks about Altered, an upcoming flick that marks the return to the big screen for The Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez. It's about damn time! Not to be pigeonholed, it seems Sanchez is making a movie movie (as opposed to a fake documentary) centering around extraterrestrials. And if you enjoy playing Six Degrees of Final Girl, you should note that the film stars Adam Kaufman, a classmate of mine at the National Theatre Institute. Huzzah!

Item! I'm so confused- why do I want to see Stay Alive? You know, that movie starring Frankie fucking Muniz wherein "you die in the game, you DIE!" I don't understand these desires- what do they mean? And why is my voice changing all of a sudden? Anyway, it opens March 24th. You know, I'm glad I didn't die in real life when I died in Dragon's Lair in the arcade, because that game was hard and I really sucked. I died all the time!

Item! Only one exact month until Silent Hill hits theaters! This is notable for two reasons: one, there's a light at the end of the tunnel for you: eventually, I'll stop talking about it. Two, this give all you kind readers a month to save your pennies to pitch in towards my bail when I'm thrown in the clink for making out with the movie screen on opening night. Yay!


Unknown said...

Good, I'm not the only one questioning my interest in Stay Alive. I was starting to worry.

Clay McClane said...

Ya know, I understand why producers want to have a brand name on a movie, but really - if the characters are all new and the story is all new, why not take an extra five minutes and give it a new title? Voila! A new movie!

Eh. Meh.

Anonymous said...

I had no interest in seeing Stay Alive until last night, when I suddenly and inexplicably changed my mind. My girlfriend and friends refuse to go with me. Instead, I'm going to pretend that you, Dreamrot and anyone else stupid enough to see this movie are my phantom dates.

Are you playing the game, or is the game playing you?

Stacie Ponder said...

Steven, can you...stay alive? Phantom date is ON!

Craig, I'm with ya.I suppose people just want to pick up some extra bucks by using a Name Brand, so to speak- sorta like Day of the Dead 2, which to my understanding has nothing to do with the original Day of the Dead.