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Mar 18, 2006

It's that time of the month!

What time of the month? Why, it's that time of the month- time for another column by yours truly to debut on Pretty/Scary! Yay! So head right here and read all about the late Debra Hill, the uber-producer who co-created Michael Myers and co-wrote and/or produced some of John Carpenter's best movies, like The Fog, Halloween, and Escape From New York.

I bet when you read the title for this post you thought "Aw, man- is she gonna write about the Womanly Curse?" Ha haha haaaa! Gotcha! Zing! Man, I'm funny. I'm like an estrogen-flavored Carrot Top!

Yeah, I know that that's gross even though it makes no sense. Look, it's Saturday and I don't like to use my brain on the weekends, OK?

Me hungry. Food good.

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