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Mar 8, 2006

I found my thrill

Ain't It Cool News has posted this exclusive Cirque du Soleil-gone-awry shot from Silent Hill. Nice!
By now, I'm sure you know how much I'm anticipating this movie. Yes, metaphorical chubby grows by the day, and if the April 21 release doesn't get here soon, I may burst. Messiness could ensue.

Apparently there was a clip shown at Wondercon that was gory, violent, and fan-fucking-tastic, but I can't seem to find any links anywhere that actually work. Maybe that's for the best: like I said, messy burst.

Hopes are very high for this movie across the board, it seems, and I really truly hope it lives up to the buzz. Everyone's trotting out the "this might be the first good videogame-to-movie translation!" line, but I say fuck that. I just want a good horror movie. Of course it's based on a videogame, but it needs to succeed as a horror movie first and foremost. The filmmakers seem to be bringing the atmosphere and feel of the game to the screen, but it's going to need more than that to succeed. Resident Evil strayed pretty damn far from the game's plot (and atmosphere, etc) and I found that somewhat disappointing- although I still enjoyed the movie. And don't go saying I was blinded by Milla, because the follow-up, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, sucked like a Flowbee. "Videogame movie" shouldn't be an umbrella term in my opinion- you're going to put Silent Hill and Super Mario Brothers in the same category?

According to, the working title of this has been Silent Hill: Centralia- which is only adding to my anticipation. In my general research on interesting places to go to take photos, I cam across Centralia several years ago. It's a mining town in Pennsylvania that's been almost completely consumed by underground coal fires that have been burning since 1961. Houses are gone, the landscape has been virtually decimated, the roads are cracked and twisted...and while I haven't yet made it out that way to document it, the pictures I have seen are very, very creepy. At least to me, anyway...

For more info on Centralia, check out this website. And be sure to mark April 21 on your calendars for a little trip to Silent Hill.


Anonymous said...

The closer the release of this movie comes, the more excited I get. I, too, have heard good buzz about it, and I have high hopes that it does, in fact, transcend the lable "videogame movie." Give me a good horror flick, and I'll be happy . . .

And thanks for the info on Centralia . . . Definitely makes for some fascinating reading . . . !

The Retropolitan said...

Suddenly, I get the title of the post.

Stacie Ponder said...

Ha! Better late than never, Retro!