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Mar 16, 2006


Coming Soon has the first set of official photos released from the set of Black Christmas. Check them out...if you dare! I don't know why you wouldn't dare- they're sort of pointless and dull, not scary. Like this one:
Is this a Gap ad featuring the girls of Delta Delta LongHair? Why are they all posed out like that? Are they supposed to be afraid of something, or are they in a band? I must say, this is not exactly the kind of promotional material that gets people all worked up into a frothy mess, unable to wait for the film's release because it's gonna be some good horror. It's just...there. This could be a shot from Sisterhood of the Travelling Ya-Yas Part 2 or whatever. Oh well.

I don't even know why I give this movie so much attention here at Final Girl. It's like a scab I can't stop picking...oh, it hurts! It hurts, but I can't control myself. All I know is I've got a serious beef with this movie that just ain't going away- kind of like my ongoing feud with Linda Lavin. The fury. Will never. Die.

Tomorrow I'll try to have a review up here for you crazy kids. Well, I can't say I'll try...but I'll try to try.


Chris Hopper said...

Was that a sneaky little Simpsons reference(Linda Lavin), because Bart Simpson shares your pain. I don't think they are frightend in that photo, by the way. I think they are confused. They are probably saying, "Like, I don't know why we are re-making this old dinosaur movie, but we sure love the truck loads of money our agents got us!"

Anonymous said...

...maybe it's just me, but I find this photo kind of frightening.