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May 7, 2010

now read this!

The venerable Richard Harland Smith has posted up the first part of his essay on Native Americans in Horror Films over at that classy joint Movie Morlocks.

There's a new horror blog on the...uh, haunted block called The Sick House. Go give it a warm welcome! They're even running a comic book giveaway contest. I know how cheap you are and that you'll take anything so long as it's free, so go! Go!!

Umm...I don't know, what else is going on? Not much. Tell me if there's something exciting out there in cyberland just waiting for my eyes to lay upon its glory. You know, something like this:

Or this:


Anonymous said...

Hey Stacie!

I'm presenting some indie horror films at the Seattle horror convention in June and I need a flyer to help promote. I'm running a super fantabulous contest.

Looky here:

Carrie said...

Holy shit! Is that first picture a screenshot of Manitou?

I feel sometimes like I dreamt that movie, but it was only college.