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May 14, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET edition PART TWO!

With Pac-Man Nightmare on Elm Street fever sweeping the globe, I figured it would be a swell time for a little Awesome Movie Poster Friday love for everyone's favorite child murderer.
  • Did you listen to this week's episode of The Scare-ening? Heather Langenkamp was a guest. She was Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street. NANCY WAS ON OUR SHOW. It was pretty good, if I may be so bold.
  • Part One of the NoES AMPF is here. Freddy vs Jason posters are here.
  • I love the Dream Warriors.
  • I wonder if somebody actually won the contest advertised below and got to be in Part 4.
  • I like the Platinum Dunes/remake posters. There, I said it.


B-Sol said...

Das Trauma!!

Love it.

And speaking of the contest thing, I also remember a similar contest for Part Six! Someone should definitely try and track these winners down (if they really exist).

The Scream Queen said...

I loveee his face in the "Cauchemar De Freddy" one. It's hysterical.

AE said...

I love the third one from the bottom.. what a bizarre yet pleasing style. It looks like a novelization cover.

Heather L. was great on your show! I saw her at a convention once and just thought she was so lovely and gracious about everything. My new goal is to see "Have You Tried Talking to Patty?"

Anonymous said...

I love the one where he's cradling the doll.
And Dream Warriors blew my mind when I was youngun. I loved the scene where he played the kid like a puppet by the veins.

Anonymous said...

A Nightmare on Elm Street and its sequels should never be referenced without a link to this, the greatest song and music video of all time.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that's annoying Aaron from "Full House" (Miko Hughes) in one of them...though he was also in "Pet Semetary"...

Daniel Danny Dan said...

Love these! Some I've never seen. Part 3, with the dream warriors perched atop Freddy's blades is still one of my all time favorite posters.

Heather was fantastic on the show. I just hope there is more time in the next installment (note the subtlety).

My new mission is to seek out Have You Tried Talking To Patty. Heather alone is worth the effort but add DeeDee Pfeiffer, Kathleen Wilhoite, Head of the Class' Khrystyne Haje AND Mark "Jesse" Patton???

... How have we not been worshiping this already?

Bill Walsh said...

German tagline: When dreams and reality switch role, sleep can be deadly.

Japanese title: エルム街の悪夢 Erumu Machi no Akumu Which seems to be a literal translation of the original.

German: Tagline: The man of your dreams returns. Title: Nightmare II, Revenge.

Japanese title: エルム街の悪夢4 ザ・ドリームマスター 最後の反撃 Erumu Machi no Akumu 4 Za . Dorīmu Masutā: Saigo no Hangeki. Obviously, “Dorīmu Masutā” is a transliteration of “Dream Master.” The last phrase is something like “The Final Counterattack.”

French: “Freddy’s Nightmare”

German for #5: “Das Grauen nimmt kein Ende” is “the horror has no end.” “Das Trauma” is “Trauma.”

German for #6: “His last appearance…the climax”

The Russian says, “Welcome to the new nightmare.” Nightmare on Elm Street. (Улица вязов is literally “street of elms.”)

The Japanese title for WCNN is: Nightmare on Elm Street: …ザ・リアルナイトメア, “Riaru Naitomea,” a transliteration of “Real Nightmare.”

hepalien said...

BEST FRIDAY POSTER EDITION EVER!!! ZOMG!! Freddie is my favourite!!! but, Stacie (be glad you dont know me in real life cas I would definitely call you Stay-Z and make dumb Jay-Z jokes) where are the NEW NIGHTMARE posters? WHERE?!?! NEED THEM TO LIVE!!! Seriously. Cereal!!!! No beer.

Heff said...

Those movie plotlines were WAY TOO "out there" for me to honestly enjoy them, but the posters are cool.

Sad man said...

Stacie, have you ever played Guitar Hero? What about Pole Dance Hero? Check out this fun flash game:

I thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Bill Walsh said...

I can't believe you approved "Pole Dance Hero." But I'm laughing, so mission accomplished. (Not that I'd click the link with my worst enemy's computer…)

Stacie Ponder said...

Eh, it's from Adult Swim so it's just goofy fun. Plus I know Sad Man isn't a robot spammer. :)

Sad man said...

That's right, I'm not a robot spammer or any kind of robot. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleeee...ahem ahem. Sorry about that.

CashBailey said...

Tat second poster (is it a UK quad?) is just gorgeous. Did Struzan paint that?

I miss painted movie posters. *sad face*