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May 4, 2010

a happy day...

...full of happiness. Not like stupid ol' yesterday with its swear word this and its this sucks that. No, my friends, today is about things that are both fresh and exciting- you know, like that Kool & the Gang song "Joanna".

Did you know that Kool & the Gang formed up in 1964? That's so much earlier than I thought. I think their first hit was "Jungle Boogie", which came along in the early 70s...but their REAL mainstream success happened in the 80s, about 20 years after they started. Let Kool & the Gang guide you! Don't give up on your dreams! Show, as they did, what people who like to make up words might call "stick-toit-iveness".

Wow, that last paragraph was very American Psycho of me.

Anyway. Some things!

Thing the first: Because I really don't have enough going on every day, I just relaunched Toosday Toons over yonder at For those of you who have known me for years, I think this marks Toosday Toons v4.0. Every time I think I'm out, et cetera et cetera something something obligatory Godfather III joke. As the title may imply, new strips will appear at AfterEllen on Tuesdays.

Thing the second: Mr. Eric Spudic of Spudic's Movie Empire has initiated a fundraising campaign to pay for radio advertising. Check it out! Or if you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by his store. Or if you're not in the Los Angeles area, check out his site and special order some goodies. It's a good old-fashioned movie store made for browsing and lovers of trash like myself. A gold mine, I tells ya!

Thing the third: The Viscera 2008-2009 DVD is finally on sale! Head over to The Chainsaw Mafia and nab yerself a copy. It's got my short film Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear on it, as well as Lip Stick, one of the films Shannon Lark and I made together. There's also a bunch of other shorts made by a bunch other awesome women. Blam!

Thing the fourth:
Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear is now available for pre-order! Yes, you can get a copy of my lesbian vampire fashion doll "epic" to clutch to your very own bosoms. Thanks to the magic of my pal Andrew of Gonzoriffic, the DVD features both the film and a director's commentary track. Since I am the director, it would be safe to assume that the commentary track features me. It's only $5 plus shipping! It's a DVD-R, but it's got a fancy cover and a standard DVD case, totally safe for bosom-clutching. I'm going to try to put up a Paypal button now that will allow you to order directly. Let's see how this goes...I hope this button is gentle. It's my first time!

Thing the fifth: Thanks to everyone who watched the first episode of my new web show Space Girls. I'm hard at work on the second episode, and I promise some very cool guest stars are coming in future installments!
Thing the sixth: The Scare-ening is on tomorror night at 8pm PST. Tune in and listen! Or don't.

Thing the seventh: I swear I'm going to have a review up here tomorrow, even if it's the last thing I ever do. I hope it's not the last thing I ever do, but if it is, remember: YOU are my favorite reader!


Andreas said...

Patrick Bateman impersonations, cartoons, DVDs for sale, Space Girls, new Scare-ening, review??? Wow. I await the future with open arms. Now I just need to decide whether to order Taste of Flesh by itself or the whole Viscera shebang.

Stacie Ponder said...

You are too kind!

Viscera is clearly a better financial deal...but there's no commentary! Therefore, Taste is a better deal...ehh, it's just not a better deal. But still!

Andre Dumas said...

Guest stars in SPACE? Not possible. Also while listening to something called "The Scare-ening" I noticed that it ripped off the door opening sound in Space Girls, you should sue!

Stacie Ponder said...

WHAT?! I will sue those bitches so hard!!

That's MY NOISE! Totally! I made it up from scratch!

I swear.