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May 27, 2010

take action!

Here's an easy way to help out an indie filmmaker: if enough people 'save' Lis Fies's The Commune to their Netflix queues, then Netflix will license and carry the film. The exposure that Netflix can provide is invaluable to people making movies on their own terms- all you have to do to help is click here to save the film! Well, that's what Netflix users can do. Non-Netflixers, I suppose, could just get a copy of the film if they wanted to help. Either way you'll end up doing a good thing and watching a good movie to boot. What you do, however, is your business! I'm not here to be bossy (right now).

I've got a review of this movie coming, when I'd end up linking to all this stuff anyway. Save us all some time and click now!


Unknown said...

Now if only enough people would save Slumber Party Massacre to their netflix queues...

The Mike said...

Ummm, yes. Not gonna lie, I copied this idea at my site, but only because I love this flick so and want it to get out there. Thanks for kicking my simple mind into gear!