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Jan 24, 2010

yon deadline approacheth

Don't forget, friendos, tomorrow is Film Club day! Watch Black Sabbath, write about it, and shoot me a link to your entry at stacieponderATgmailDOTcom. Tomorrow we will rejoice in that special togetherness that only The Internet can bring.


Theron said...

Dammit! My life has been uber-complicated lately and I forgot to get "Black Sabbath" from Netflix. Looks as if I'll be sitting this one out. But I do have "Euro Horror Week" starting up tomorrow, and a Bava film ("Kill Baby Kill") is included in the mix. So at least I'll be getting a Bava fix.

Carrie said...

I thought it was very interesting that the third segment, "The Drop of Water", was so obviously where Sam Raimi ripped off the idea (er, I mean, got his inspiration) for Drag Me To Hell.