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Jan 30, 2010

23:45 - Dolly Dearest


spazmo said...

Stacie, could I pick your brain for a second? (Instead of automatically recoiling at the imposition, pretend it's a Nancy Drew mystery and you're exploring a spooky lighthouse with Pamela Sue Martin by your side.)

Ok, the episode (I think it was a horror anthology series, possibly from ten or fifteen years ago) features a woman in a boarding house, her "daughter", and a male tenant. The young girl, whose face is covered by a China doll's porcelain mask, is perhaps a homicidal killer. Or an evil doll.

Anyway, at the end, the man confronts the girl/doll and a crack appears in her mask revealing a section of disgustingly mottled human tissue underneath. The mother saves(?) the man from the thing's murderous wrath and explains that her daughter preferred to be looked upon as a perfect doll, instead of a hideous freak, hence the mask, etc, etc, and then that's the end.

If you've seen this, please let me know what the hell it is and where it's from. Someone once suggested it might be an old Goosebumps episode, but this was creepy as hell and really not kiddie fare. I've wanted to prove this exists outside my imagination so bad for so long; and keyword searching the IMDB has gotten me absolutely nowhere :(

Any ideas would be welcome.

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm always pretending to have Pamela Sue Martin at my side, so no problem!

This sounds SO familiar, I'm sure I've seen it...but I can't say for sure what it's from. Tales from the Darkside? I'll do a post with your inquiry so people see it...someone must know what it is. Also, maybe shoot it over to Kindertrauma- they do a 'Name That Trauma' feature and they've got a great success rate!

Chris Otto said...

Wait a minute. Is that Lt. Tasha Yar IN A DRESS??

Stacie Ponder said...

Yes indeed, it is. Dolly Dearest is truly craptacular, but I kind of love it.