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Jan 29, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the FILM CLUB edition!

This week is so Final Girl Film Club Week, what with our write-ups on Black Sabbath and me picking the next movie for us to love, hate, dissect, and ignore. It feels only appropriate, then, to traipse down memory lane by revisiting some Film Club choices of yore. Click ze links to read ze reviews...if you've got the guts.

I love love LOVE that there's a poster for The Wicker Man featuring Britt Ekland's naked slap dance.

The Italian poster for Near Dark is so...Italian horror movie poster, if you know what I mean- and I think you do.


CashBailey said...


Such a brilliant movie. It might be high time I gave it another watch.

Kmork said...

The Japanese poster for The Burning is extremely cool.

Anonymous said...

Uncommonly poor selection for Near Dark, with the exception of the fabulous Italian one. If Bill Paxton wants to record a 20jfg-baiting italo/coldwave album, he's basically got his artwork sorted right there.
Man is that German one is terrible, though. The middle-aged greaser Caleb, the impassive druid, the ad copy so bad it can irritate me in a language I don't even speak... it's got it all. All, that is, except laser-hands, which were a selling point only in English-speaking markets.

Stacie Ponder said...

You and me both, Max...I haven't watched it since the review!

Chicken Wire, I think it's safe to use that sentence for any poster: "The Japanese poster for _______ is extremely cool." I've never seen a Japanese poster that wasn't extremely cool. They make 'em goooood.

Agreed, Perching. The only thing I like about the German poster is that it almost seems like an ad for some horrible, weird 80s EuroTrash band. As a horror movie poster, though? Bleehhh


That 'The Innocents' poster with the black swan has me reeling. Such a brilliant movie, too.

AE said...

The first poster for The Burning, with the kid running -- oh, I've forgotten his name -- has just made my day. Best thing ever! (well, so far today.)

Bill Walsh said...

My Thai-speaking informant says:

The tag line is "No time to be afraid. The dreadful [dreadful/horrible is either misspelled or a colloquial usage] sudden attack of the final horror."

The title (always hard to read the stylized movie fonts) is an abbreviation (the tail-like symbol that appears twice indicates there is more to each word - it's used with the full name of Bangkok, forexample): "Duun ___ Din___." I'm not familiar with what that is, but it could be a particular devil/demon associated with earth ("din") or just a dramatic onomatopoeia like "Dum Dum Daam!"

Bill Walsh said...

Hmm. I must not have posted my more comprehensive list. Et voilá.

Il buio si avvicinaDarkness Approaches

Eine wilde Reise in die Dunkelheit—A wild trip into darkness (tag line)

Die Nacht hat ihren Preis—The Night Has Her Price

Au frontières d'aube—On the Edges of Dawn

I Suspense! —Suspense

Schloß des Schreckens—Castle of Terrors

Lejrbålet—The Campfire [Danish]

バーニング — Baaningu [transliteration]

Bill Walsh said...

Geez, I missed a bunch.

Ok, the Danish Burning tag line means something like "terror like an ice-cold stab in the back."

And the Belgian Wicker Man is The Wicker God in French and The Woven God in Flemish.