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Nov 25, 2008

y'alls've spoken

58% of you decided that the next Film Club choice will be Grindhouse, and so Grindhouse it is.

Check it, youse guys: you can instantly watch the whole shebang on Netflix by clicking HERE. You can watch or rent Planet Terror by clicking HERE; for Death Proof, click HERE.

As for me, I'm going to make it a true grindhouse experience by doing the following:

1) dumping soda and garbage on my floor
2) creating mysterious stains on my couch
3) inviting several shady people over to sit in my living room while I watch
4) starting the movies at midnight
5) watching both movies in a row

So there.

Hey, I've never seen Planet Terror- I can only assume that her gun shoots flame-colored lightning and words.

To the 42% of you who voted for Pete Walker's Schizo, don't worry. It'll have its day in the Film Club, I promise!

The film(s): Grindhouse
The due date: Monday, January 6

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Fox said...

3) inviting several shady people over to sit in my living room while I watch

You better send out an Evite to Arbogast now, b/c on Twitter he posted that his new years resolution will be to become UN-shady in 2009.

But I can't imagine a grindhouse experience without that that awesome dude! Can you?!?

spazmo said...

The trick is to invite only the very shadiest of characters. They'll provide the garbage, the mysterious stains, and more than likely turn up well past midnight. You're covered for steps 1 through 4!

Speaking of shady, when my buddy and I saw Evil Dead 2 on opening weekend at a tacky little mall theatre in Paso Robles, there were exactly two other people in the theatre - an ancient prostitute who sat in the back row and muttered something unspeakable to us as we came in, and a stinky wino who snored loudly through the whole movie.

It was among my favorite movie-going experiences, so maybe there really is something to this "grindhouse" experience...

rob! said...

To get the full experience, i think you need to hire someone to vandalize your car while you're inside watching the movie.

Missy Y. (formerly A Case of You) said...

what you have to do, is youtube the fake trailers to watch between the features. really... yep.

Scott Weinberg said...

Oooh, I wanna write one. But I can't do it this week. Lemme know when you get back to the '80s horror. ;)

Also, it seems you can watch the FULL version of Grindhouse at Netflix. If you're a member.

Love and stuffing,


Scott Weinberg said...


FatalPierce said...

Oh man I can see it already, this is going to split the club down the middle. The likes and the dislikes. This is going to be great!

I'll second the idea that you definitely need to seek out the trailers to watch in between the two flicks.

XanxiuZ said...

Eh, I've already seen them both. Loved Death Proof, hated Planet Terror. There's just something about any movie that has Rosario Dawson in it, close up shots of Zoe Bell's ass, and badass girls doing badass shit. And the diner scene is my all time favorite scene in Death proof.

Bloody Mary said...

Yes, I was one of the few people who actually went to see this opening weekend. I may have even seen it on Easter Sunday, I don't recall. The best thing about it was the trailers, so maybe I'll write about that.

Neil Fulwood said...

'Grindhouse' never appeared as 'Grindhouse' in the UK. The distributors released 'Planet Terror' and 'Death Proof' as two separate movies, several months apart. The only way you could effect a 'Grindhouse' experience was by acquiring the Region 1 DVD of 'Planet Terror', watching the spoof trailers online, then heading off to catch 'Death Proof' at the cinema.

My article on the fun and frustration of doing this is now online at