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Nov 26, 2008


Not only is Wednesday Prince Spaghetti Day, it's also AMC Day! Go forth, friends, and read about Final in the little poll thingy that's been added, leave a comment, and let the world know exactly who your favorite Final Girl is. You don't have to say ME- I know I'm number one in the hearts and minds of everyone everywhere.



Arbogast said...

Clara Peller rox!

Well, truthfully... roxed.

Neil Sarver said...

Man, what a tease! There was no discussion of underwear in here at all.

Anonymous said...

come on, sally hardesty! number 1 in my book! alas, final girl, you were not on the list. i certainly would have voted for you.

Koompa said...

My heart goes out to Ellen Ripley. I know sci-fi Horror is a really small niche (and one that probably won't be making a comeback to theaters anytime soon) but when she fought back against her alien tormentors, she fought HARD. Watching her slap that Alien Queen around never gets old. She also gets points for not going batshit insane after her first close encounter.

"Get away from her, you BITCH!"

Craig Blamer said...

To be blunt, I generally hate whoever the filmmakers pick to be the Final Girl. Always seems to be the one out of the bunch that thinks that French-kissin' is icky and probably has a bed piled with stuffed animals.

My choice (I suppose it could be called the PJ Soles Factor) generally gets knocked off at the midway point. Yeah, I know it's always obvious who the Final Girl is going to be, but I keep hopin' that one of these days someone might pull a neat twist. Closest I came to picking a winner was Juno in The Descent. Although I'm betting that even hobbled, Juno kicked some serious cave-dweller ass. Might even have got away... yay, Juno!

But by default I'll go with Stretch in TCM2. I love a Final Girl that seems like she could match me shot-for-shot.

Anonymous said...

What about Paquita from Dead Alive? she sure kicked serious ass & was charming to boot!