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Nov 4, 2008

Sorry,, but just this once I did NOT:

Today, AFTER VOTING, I went on a maddening search for Return to Sleepaway Camp only to come up empty. What gives? Wasn't the DVD released today? I'd long been looking forward to November 4, 2008 as a day when I could, as a proud American, exercise my right to vote as well as my right to spend money I don't really have on things I don't really need...but no joy. Or half joy, I suppose.

My Sleepaway itch still begs to be scratched, but dare I say- during my search, I found something even better! Folks, I picked up the "British Horror Quadruple Feature", a dazzling 4-pack (hence the term "quadruple") of films by faboo British (hence the term "British") writer/director Pete Walker! The set contains one film I've seen (Frightmare,which, much to my surprise, I loved) and three I haven't: House of Whipcord, The Flesh & Blood Show, and Die Screaming Marianne...all for $13!

Now that's a bargain! So is the free scoop of Ben & Jerry's I'm entitled to as a voter who voted. Lawd, I love Election Day!


chiefbroad said...

I laughed so hard at this, I coughed for a scarily long time.

Love this site, ever since I discovered it 2 weeks ago.

I voted. Gobama08.


Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

I just saw Sleepaway Camp for the first time in a garage, on a projector, blind stinking drunk on Halloween.

My mind was blown.

SikeChick said...

Seeing Sleepaway Camp as a sober 14-year-old was pretty mind blowing. (On a sidenote, I am truly shocked at what my best friend and I were allowed to rent at such a tender age. But I'm not bitter about those lost hours of sleep.) I can only imagine the trauma had I been drunk.

Stacie, I'm surprised you don't already own the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit.

Stacie Ponder said...

I think Sleepaway is mind blowing even if you've seen it before!

I'm rockin' the Survival Kit, but not the one with the bonus disc. Return to Sleepaway Camp, which was supposed to hit today, is the newest entry, and it's helmed by Robert Hiltzik, who wrote and directed the first film. I can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

"House of Whipcord" is a pretty
great movie. Yay Pete Walker!

elgringo said...

"Today, AFTER VOTING, I went on a maddening search for Return to Sleepaway Camp..."

You're amazing.

Johnny said...

I hope you voted for Sid Haig! Frightmare rules, by the by

Anonymous said...

"Frightmare" is an awesome film.

"Die Screaming Marianne" is not so hot, unless you have a thing for Susan George ... which I do ... but it was still only so-so despite her dancing in a bikini over a screaming red background during the titles.

thebonebreaker said...


Rieturn did indeed come out yesterday - I rented it through Netflix.

You can read my review of it at:

mice said...

Return to Sleepaway Camp is worth a watch. It really is not nearly as good as the original, but really, what is?

It's not the worst Horror sequel ever, but neither is it the best. It has some moments. That is what I will say. It has some moments.

Adam Ross said...

Stacie, if you still haven't found "Return to Sleepaway Camp," I just read that it can be bought at Target, of all places.

ebritt said...