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Nov 14, 2008

awesome movie poster friday- the AMITYVILLE edition!

No remake poster because it's boring.

Wow, that's a REALLY bad drawing of Margot Kidder on that 3rd poster down. And I guess that's...Shelley Winters holding her ears in fear?


Neil Sarver said...

I think that second poster of them just looking quietly worried with the "For God's Sake Get Out" tagline is very effective.

bill r. said...

I think the poster mandated by the film studio disassociating Amityville II from any other product bearing the name Amityville for legal reasons is quietly chilling.

Wings1295 said...

Just a poster with that damn house would be enough to scare me. It has given me the willies ever since I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

From the Bloody Mary-solicited translations file:

The Spanish one says, at top, "More grisly than 'Carrie,' more diabolical than 'The Exorcist,' and worst, it's based on a true story!" On the left, "For the love of God, get out of there!" as you might expect.

The German reads:

On February 5, 1976, the ten-o'clock news reported an unusual event out of Amityville in the state of New York.

The married couple George and Kathleen Lutz and their three children had fled from their house in panicked fear the previous night. For twenty-eight days, they had been subjected to terror from supernatural forces and had to fear for their lives.

This is their story.

Anonymous said...

Never seen any of these, so I'm a little confused. There's an Amityville Horror 2, and an Amityville 2: Possession? And Amityville Horror 2 (is a sequel, while Possession is just a rip-off trying to jump in on the cash train? So there's 2 movies called Amityville 2s, but only one's a sequel, right?

Anonymous said...

Love the tagline "For God's Sake, Get Out!". That should have become a popular banner to everything that's gone wrong during the Bush era.