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Oct 29, 2005

Halloween III- Season of the Witch- one of these things is not like the others...

This 1983 movie doesn't feature maniac Michael Myers at all...unless you count the fact that Halloween is playing on some background televisions. Outrageous! But...

Don't be hatin'. This movie rocks, and you know it does. You know it. Oh sure, everyone hates it, right? Well, it's like Marty McKee said in the comments from a few posts ago...this is one glorious bad movie. I give you Exhibit A:
Tom Atkins. Do you need more than that? Well? Do ya, punk? OK, fine. This movie about an evil toymaker who plans to kill children on Halloween night via rigged masks and television signals ALSO contains:

-Nancy Loomis. She's listed as Nancy Kyes, and yeah, it's a very small part, but...Nancy Loomis.

-Super-strong robot dudes in grey suits that kill people by crushing their skulls- or ripping their heads off- and then set themselves on fire.

-Exploding Stonehenge parts.

-An exploding factory, on some of the worst blue screen effects I've ever seen.

-A woman who gets shot in the face with a laser...and the grossness that follows.

-The kid whose face...umm, melts inside the mask after the commercial- and all those snakes and bugs inexplicably come pouring out.

-This movie is gross gross gross!

-It has a downer ending where the hero doesn't save the day.

-It's got Tom Atkins, man! Come on now.

Trivia for you, because I care: Santa Mira, the home of Silver Shamrock Novelties in the movie, is also the setting for the original 1956 classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Yeah, Halloween III borrows heavily from that flick, as well as Alien and maybe even movies like The Stepford Wives. Yeah, it makes little sense. Sure, it doesn't belong in the same series with the rest of the Michael Myers saga. Yup, it's a bad movie- and I love it! And you know you do, too. It's OK- I won't tell.
Sing along now... "Happy happy Halloween...Silver Shamrock!"


Anonymous said...

two more days til halloween, halloween halloween, two more days till hallween SILVER SHAMROCK!!!!


Stacie Ponder said...

That damn song has been stuck in my head all day...

Anonymous said...

That's good...thanks for putting it in my head...for two more days

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite guilty pleasure movies...

Carnacki said...

That song! That song! ::shudder::

Stacie Ponder said...

That song has been in my head ALL DAY! ALL DAY! I think my face is going to melt and worms and snakes will come out if I can't get it to stooooooop!

Anonymous said...

I want to have Tom Atkin's baby.

Think he's still up for it.

I once read in a magazine called "Ingenudes" (that's right I picked up a nudie mag to check out my girl Asia Argento) that the lead in this movie has great cans. Nice.

Amanda By Night

Anonymous said...

>some of the worst blue screen >effects I've ever seen.

Yes, and in all fairness it was a $2.5 million movie. If you want to see some more equally hideous blue screening from a big bidget movie, check out Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom - the bridge scene! LOL