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Oct 15, 2005

Day 15- Eternal F13 of the Spotless Mind

It's here! My big day- the Friday the 13th marathon. I've got a stack of 11 movies sittin' over yonder, and I'm gonna do my best to get through 'em. Rachael just made a big pan of Breakfast Goulash and I'm ready to go. I'm not sure how well horror movies and breakfast mix, but one's gotta do what one's gotta do. Oh, and for the uninitiated, Breakfast Goulash consists of potatoes, peppers, onions, cheese, and eggs all mixed up. Douse with generous amounts of Red Devil hot sauce and you've got yourself the tasty breakfast of cholesterol and champions.

I'll be back with updates...if I make it...


Des said...

mmmmm....breakfast goulash.

One must always eat something of questionable nutritional value when watching Friday the 13th movies. It's like we're helping Jason relive his childhood.

Or something.

Stacie Ponder said...

I've got enough snacks here to stock my own Quik-e-mart. I'll prbably gain 50 punds and lose 500 brain cells by the time this thing is over.