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Dec 7, 2018

awesome movie poster friday - the TELEKINETIC QUEENS edition!


Just this morning I looked at my phone and I made a mental note that today is Friday. "Oh, it's Friday," I thought. Then the word "Friday" spun around and around in my head, all kaleidoscope-style, kind of like a bunch of prom-goers laughing at me because I'm all covered in blood. Then I had my second thought of the day:

"Today would be a great day to bring back Awesome Movie Poster Friday, what, with it being Friday and all."

And here we are! Whomever could have predicted?

If you have one of those Marilu Henner-esque beyond-photographic memories, then you know I did a telekinetic edition of AMPF way the heck back in 2010. 2010! A lifetime ago. What a different world it was then, wouldn't you say? I think I was living on the other coast. Horror movies weren't in the best place: the Saw, Resident Evil, and Paranormal Activity chugged along. Insidious was unleashed. Remakes were plentiful and mostly terrible. Quite frankly, my feelings about the genre were beginning to wane.

But here we are, eight whole years later. My, how things have changed! I now live on this coast. The world is a trashfire, but horror is in a pretty dang good place. (Hmm, funny how that works.) I feel revitalized about it. I treasure new stuff and want to spend time digging around for treasures of yore again. Neat!

The point is, you can peep the link to the old telekinetic AMPF and get an eyeful of some Carrie and Jennifer posters (and more). I'm not gonna re-post all the old Carrie stuff in particular...but what I am gonna post about that film reflects another trend that's occurred since that original post: the rise of the fan poster. You've seen 'em, and you might even have some. Alternative movie posters! Often they work solely as fanservice; I'm thinking in particular about the extremely minimalist ones, the ones that may be beautiful but don't work as, you know, advertisements. Sometimes they give away twists and secrets, or they're a wink and a nudge to the people who already know the movie by heart. The ones I'm posting for Carrie (with artist credit and links), I think, are lovely simply to look at, but they also work as and feel like "movie posters."

As for Jennifer, there simply aren't a lot of posters out there. I was sad about that until I found one--you'll know it when you see it--that makes up for the deficit by being so effing EVERYTHING that it contains the power of, like, 12 posters.

And then there's Thelma, which...I like some of 'em. Heck, I have the bird-on-the-face one that's sliiiiiightly reminiscent of the poster for The Silence of the Lambs. But, like, inverted. Or something. It makes sense in my brain, okay? But unfortch Thelma's one of those new horror movies with posters that are just Photoshopped photos. Thelma deserves better!

art by Adam Juresko

art by Guy Stauber

art by Beyond Horror Design


Bill the Heliotrope said...

Oops! Must not have submitted this right! Ok, everybody, here's your foreign poster caption report. (There will be a new FPC Report coversheet. See attached memo.)

Only two of note this time. The first poster is a German one-sheet which claims that Carrie is Satan’s youngest daughter. Guess they were still trying to get Exorcist fans in the seats.

Next we have the perm-tastic Spanish-language Jennifer poster which relates, JENNIFER is TERRIFYING! She knows something that she should not know. She has a past that she does not want to remember, and a power that she does not want to use… but they won't leave her in peace and now she is ENRAGED!

Oh, whoops, just noticed the French Thelma one that says, Lead us not into temptation.

The next one down is mostly German translations of American blurbs: “…Blue is the Warmest Color meets Carrie” —Vice; “Unbelievably sensual” —Variety; “A screen wonder!” —; “One of the best films of the year” —Esquire; “Breathtaking” —Screen International.

So nothing terribly entertaining, but I'm here to serve.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks, Bill! Man, they really built up JENNIFER...

CashBailey said...

In the episode the Gaylords briefly mention the stage musical of CARRIE. Well, in the excellent documentary DE PALMA they show a short clip of said musical, and you're like: "Oh, that looks like shit."

But who knows, maybe it's actually brilliant.

CashBailey said...

Have the Gaylords seen A SIMPLE FAVOR yet?

It movie seems like a perfect movie for this show to discuss.

Stacie Ponder said...

I haven't! (Not sure if Anthony has) It's been on my "do watch" list since the trailer. I missed it in theaters though, and now I'm waiting to be in the same room with it.

Bill the Heliotrope said...

I gotta say, for a sort of suburban, comic, kinda-sorta Diabolique take, I enjoyed the hell out of it.